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Therpay? Celebrate 20 Years With Two Deluxe Releases

We all have albums or songs that remind us of good days and bad days, it’s a memory mine field where one track can take you right back. When...

We all have albums or songs that remind us of good days and bad days, it’s a memory mine field where one track can take you right back. When I put in the 20th Anniversary Edition of Troublegum by Therapy? it reminded me of being a teenager and listening to it because it’s what the girls were listening to. Good Times.

In celebration of 20 years service, Therapy?’s breakthrough albums are getting the remastered and deluxe treatment, with Troublegum being rereleased as a 3 Disc set and the more melancholy Infernal Love getting a remaster and a cool Acoustic 2nd disc. Excited? fuck yes bitches!!


Therapy  Troublegum Deluxe

Troublegum was the album that seemed to be poplular with the girls when I was a lad, so to be in with a chance I started listening to it, then of course I was hooked, and when all the girls stopped listening to it, I carried on. Of course I was already a fan but didn’t know it, most of us were, because almost all of us had heard Screamager at some point when it was released on the Shortsharpshock EP, but non of us knew who Therapy? were then.

Disc 1 of this set is a true remastered representation of the classic album, having said that though, in all honesty you would be hard pressed to find any real difference between it and the original. It stands up to all the major tests, bass is a little better and it’s cleaner at higher volumes but then doesn’t lose that gritty punk quality.

Discs 2 and 3 are real treats for the enthusiast (or geek as we are often called). Disc 2 gives us the amazing cover of Judas Priest’s Breaking The Law, and it really is fantastic and a real sign of the pedigree of the band. Both discs offer various unheard remixes, demos and B-sides of tracks, it’s an interesting journey listening to how these tracks have been re imagined in different ways. It is a really nice collection, true to the spirit of the band and a real celebration of the quality of the writing and of the performances.

Therapy  Infernal Love Deluxe

Infernal Love is often cited as a breakaway from the bands previous direction, some critics in other magazines have called it a move away from the core of what the first album was all about. That of course is bullshit! This album exists in the same reality as that album and offers the same raw punk energy we got from the first. It’s delivered slightly differently, there is far more focus on the musical elements than the lyrical content. The lyrics we do have could be described as more melancholy but that again is open to perception, the quality on the album is still as high as it was to start with and never looses pace.

Disc 1 here, once again, is just a remaster of the original and again addresses the same as the Deluxe version of Troublegum. Disc 2 is where the real magic is. We’re treated here to some Acoustic and Live version of tracks from both albums and they are fantastic. The Acoustic versions give the listener a chance to really appreciate the quality of the lyrics here and just what a truly good vocalist Andy Cairns really is. The Acoustic version of Screamager is really great and if you feel inclined is the perfect sing-along track.

All in all this is a great set, lovingly remastered with a great sound and some really nice extra tracks that fans of the band will really love and those who maybe lost track of the band when they grew up and had families can listen to, reminisce and perhaps reconnect with the band when they tour.

Catch up with all things Therapy? on their website where you can also find out details about the upcoming tour.


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