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The Black Flag Meets Maegan Machine

The Black Flag met up with Alternative model and Sideshow performer Maegan Machine. Possibly, one of the sexiest women to grace god’s green earth. She talks very openly about...

The Black Flag met up with Alternative model and Sideshow performer Maegan Machine. Possibly, one of the sexiest women to grace god’s green earth. She talks very openly about her modelling career, performing with the Hellzapoppin Circus and her fascination with dead things….

Black Flag: Tell me a little bit about your life growing up. What shaped you into the person you are today?

Meagan Machine: I grew up very poor and nomadic, which is about the same as now. My dad is the long haired tattooed biker musician type, and my mom was a hippie that was convinced she was supposed to marry Robert Plant. Creative expression; no matter how crazy or off the wall, or even dangerous was always encouraged.

Today, I have the opportunity to express myself not only on my body and through performances, but everyday life as well.

BF: How did you become an alternative model?

MM: I fucked a photographer.

BF: So it wasn’t something that you’d ever planned to do?

MM: God no. I had VERY little self-esteem. When I first started modelling, I worked at a car shop apprenticing to be a custom car painter and receptionist for a screen printing company. I had just gotten out of a 3 year relationship that drug me through the pits of Hell and back, but I partied like a fucking rock star. I met a photographer (who shall remain nameless), we dated for about 6 or 7 months and obviously he wanted to take my photo, When he posted them, other photographers started wanting to shoot me, and so on. The photographer is still a very good friend of mine. We even joke all the time about how I owe him everything lol. I’m one of the very lucky ones that just kind of had it fall into their lap.

It took a lot to get over being so self-conscious but it was like therapy. Clearly I must be doing SOMETHING right, I’m not a celebrity by any means but I’m definitely more popular than I was in high school 🙂

BF: Tell me about your Tattoo’s. How many have you got? Do any have special meanings and the exposure you have got because of them?

MM: When people ask how many tattoos I have, I really can’t answer. I’ve lost count. All of my tattoos have a significant meaning for my life. For example, I have an eyeball tattooed over each hand and when I put my hands over my eyes it appears as if I’m looking at you with the eyeballs on my hands. Both of my pinkies have half of an eye in a vertical position so when they touch above it makes a 3rd eye. I have been diagnosed with an eye disease called Stargardts Disease. It’s basically a juvenile form of glaucoma. I’m losing my central vision more and more every day. My hands ARE my eyes. The 3rd eye is to see myself through this emotionally. It can be quite the bummer at times.

I think as far as exposure it’s been great, but I like to think my fans are intrigued by my tattoos not only for their beauty but also because it’s an artistic expression about everything that I am. They are very personal glimpses into my mind.

BF: What Sideshow acts do you perform and how did you get involved with the Hellzapoppin Circus?

MM: I do acts such as belly dancing barefoot on beds of nails, Human Dart board, where darts are thrown into my back and buttocks bare skin. I contort my body around 13 solid steel blades in a small box that you are always welcome to see inside of. I feed catheter hoses up my nose and pull it out of my mouth wrap it around my body and offer Jesus juice through the human crazy straw, and currently I’m training to swallow swords :))

The owner of Hellzapoppin has been a good friend of mine for some time and one day 5 days before a Scandinavian tour he asked me to join. I still waited till the day before to pack though.

BF: Ever had any accidents or bad experiences while performing?

MM: There’s almost always blood. In fact on Hellzapoppin’ s Scandinavian Tour From June through July this summer, everyone in the show would make it a point to wipe their sweat, blood, tears, snot, bugers, and who knows what else on one specific towel. There’s nipple pasties from Evilyn and myself stuck to it. That thing is gnarly. We are also selling it….

BF: You’re interested in pursuing a musical career. How’s this going?

MM: Slow hahahaha,

My fiancé and I have been doing some musical work but this past year has been so fucking busy, it unfortunately takes a back burner. I take inspiration from Portishead, Sneaker pimps, How to Destroy Angels, Massive Attack, Made out of babies, a perfect circle…its melodic with a splash of heavy.

One of my greatest dreams is to be a front person for a band and I know that time will come, but I have to focus on what’s in front of me.

BF: You’ve taken time out from studying a degree in Mortuary. What attracts you to this field?

MM: Not to be all cliché, but I love dead things. I carry around a zip lock baggy to put my chicken bones when I go out to eat so I can clean them and make jewellery out of. I love the human body and I’m intrigued by what’s inside of me. (I made that sound dirty on purpose).

Biology is just something I’ve been into since I was a little kid, poking road kill with sticks n shit. While the rest of the class pissed and moaned about dissecting a frog. I was fuckin STOKED.

BF: So you’re obviously not squeamish as such. Is there anything that makes you physically feel sick?

MM: The band Journey. Thinking you’re drinking water but your friends tricked you by putting Vodka in a water bottle. When the toilet seat is still warm, from the last person that sat on it. Nicolas Cage. The part in Evil Dead where the tree rapes that chick that kinda looks like a younger version of my mom. Formaldehyde. Getting punched in the jejunum. Cockroaches of all shapes and sizes….aaaaaand people who smell like shit.

BF: You’re obsessed with even numbers can you go into more detail?

MM: Yeah, I don’t know what it is. When I get tattooed especially on a place that is especially painful I count the machine strokes against my skin to help calm me. Thankfully most artists have the same 2s thing so they are going in even numbers also. If the strokes are in odd numbers I get very cranky lol

I think it’s maybe a form of meditation. When I fall asleep my foot has to be doing some sort of rhythmic beat, in of course an even amount of times both feet move. It’s weird. I’m weird. Whatever!

BF: Any upcoming projects that you want to plug?

MM: Hellzapoppin Sideshow Revue

Plus I’m going to shamelessly plug my Fiancés band (Collapse) because I can and they are fucking awesome: They opened up for The Cult and Rob Zombie at Download festival this year THEN Clutch and GWAR the next day… PROOF, that they are awesome. Real British Metal I’m not British but they are.

BF: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

MM: Being the leader of a small primitive apocalyptic tribe formed of only the strongest, smartest and most ruthless individuals with a great love for their ”family”. We will hunt and grow our food, we will wear loin clothes and carry spears and knives made of stone. We will kill all who try to subdue us. Then feast on their meat.

BF: You even manage to make that sound dirty….

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