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The Black Flag Meets Hilary Jackson of Christians Against Slipknot

Here at the Black Flag we pride ourselves on supporting the alternative scene in whatever form and sub-genre it may take. Be it Punk, Goth, Emo and of course...

Here at the Black Flag we pride ourselves on supporting the alternative scene in whatever form and sub-genre it may take. Be it Punk, Goth, Emo and of course Metal, we’re there to support it and provide you the fans, the news, reviews and interviews that you want to read about. We also pride ourselves on taking an impartial and rational stance when somebody questions the alternative community and the music that drives it, which is why we decided to play devil’s advocate the day that we met Hilary Jackson, chief admin of the controversial Facebook group Christians Against Slipknot.

I first discovered the Christian Against Slipknot page through somebody on my friends list, who posted a link to the page and wrote ‘You should check this page out, its fucking hilarious’.

So I clicked on the link and started to read through. Most of the updates were so comical that initially I was adamant it was all a big joke, I’m still not 100% sure it isn’t to be honest. Which is why I think so many people are ‘Liking’ the page.

Christians Agains Slipknot claim to be a ‘Support group for people who feel Slipknot has had a negative influence on their life’. Contrary to the pages name, It’s not just Corey Taylor and co that the page lobbys against but in fact all Metal bands, as well as their supporters, often going so far as to make wild accusations and insinuations about Metallers and the Metal community. Just today one of the page admins commented about the impending war with Syria and said that it probably had something to do with Metallers. This was met, understandably with sheer fury by many of the Metal fans who have ‘Liked’ the page. Many pointing out that religion has in fact been the cause of more wars throughout history than anything else. It’s exactly comments like this that fuel the accusations that this is in fact really a troll page. If you go back through the pages history you’ll see many comments like this, all seemingly designed to illicit an extreme reaction from metal fans.


On the other side of the coin, the metal community have been quick to fire back abuse and profanity at the page instead of engaging in rational debate, thus giving Christians Against Slipknot the ammunition for whatever their cause may be, whether they’re trolls or devout Christians, trying to save us from evil as they do in fact claim, the metal fans that are engaging them in arguments are not painting themselves in a particularly positive light.

Real or fake, I did really enjoy interviewing Hilary, she’s extremely articulate and generally very compelling to talk to, even though I don’t agree with her argument, I could debate the subject matter with her for hours.

The question remains though, are Christians Against Slipknot real or are they Trolls as many of the pages followers really do believe. This is a question that we’re going to leave up to you to decide…..


The Black Flag: So Christians Against Slipknot. Why?

Hilary Jackson: Why? For the Glory of the LORD. Slipknot is an entry band into metal, a genre of ‘music’ that is entirely self-destructive, abusive and which has VERY few redeeming qualities.

TBF: Tell us a bit about the people behind the page?

Hilary: My name is Hilary, and then there is Hanso, David and Kimberly. By publication date, I am excited to reveal, Poor may be returning to us! Poor was on this page before even I, so that is some good news for you! Our small biographies can be found in the FAQ area here – I would type them all out, but I am afraid it would take some time!

TBF: Where are you all based?

Hilary:  This should be answered in the bios, but quickly: Myself: Texas, but planning on moving to the UK. Kim: Scotland Hanso: Australia David: England

TBF: Who are your personal heroes and why?

Hilary: I assume this is directed to me, as I own the page. My personal hero, as a child, was always Flash Gordon! Me and my sister Paul would sit around watching it together, and she would re-enact Brian Blessed’s role, and I would be flash. Boy did we have fun. I also think another one of my heroes would be Jesus Christ. For obvious reasons…

TBF: The page is pretty damn funny. I have to ask, is it for real?

Hilary: Yes, it is. (The next answer shall follow on from this, I expect).

TBF: There are accusations that you are all in fact Trolls. How do you respond to this?

Hilary: We have always been called trolls. Ever since we started. I feel this is a way of the Metallers de-valuing our message. Perhaps they feel if enough people say it, people will stop coming to this page. Well so be it. We ignore those kind of comments. The Metallers do not wish to see the problems caused by their chosen music, so they will call this out. It is their loss.

TBF: What has the reaction from the Metal community been?

Hilary: Mixed, actually. There are some who will talk to us, and try to understand how we feel. There are others who will scream profanities at us. It only proves us right I’m afraid. Metal makes people angry.

TBF: Do you really believe all Metallers are evil?

Hilary: Of course not, but we believe metal is a gateway to evil. Not all people who drink are alcoholics, is a similar way of putting it. That said, we do believe Evil God Groupies are completely evil. I believe most black metal artists are both racist and E.G.Gs


TBF: What if I said that listening to Metal in all its forms could be a good outlet for negative feelings and emotions?

Hilary: I would laugh.

TBF: Recently Kim, one of your page admins discovered she is actually related to Corey Taylor from Slipknot. Tell us a bit about that?

Hilary: Yes, it is truly disturbing to find out. It means my boyfriend is also related. But I am not able-ist, this disability will not stop me loving them all. No one should be punished for the circumstances of their birth. Be it brain cancer, no legs or related to Slipknot members.

TBF: You’ve accused German Metal bands of supporting Fascism and Nazism. Tell us about this and what has the reaction been?

Hilary: Yes I did read this post by Hanso. Well, I tend to trust his opinion on the matter. He is himself a German, and I feel he knows more about Nazism more than the majority of us! I hardly knew who the Nazis were until he told me about their history. Disturbing. Any band who sings about such things are simply disgusting in my eyes, and not a band I would want MY children listening to!

TBF: Isn’t it a sweeping generalization that all Metallers are evil and that everybody that all Black Metal bands are fascist and racist?

Hilary: Well, as I said, not all people who drink are alcoholics, but the potential is there, if you see my meaning. I am positive that not all metallers are completely evil, but we like to think we are cutting the root of the problem and not just the stem. Black metal? Yes. It is all either fascist, racist, or just disgusting. There is no musical talent in it what so ever. I have been linked by many very satanic black metal bands, like Marduck and Gorgorogoth, and there is nothing good about them at all. It is the ideology behind black metal bands to be satanic, and the day I find a pious black metal band is the day I eat my hair. There simply isn’t one. It’s a contradiction in terms.

TBF: From a lot of the posts on the page, it seems as if you almost regard the metal scene as a cult with the emphasis on conforming?

Hilary: Very much so, I feel if you don’t have long hair in the metal scene, you aren’t treated on par with other metallers. If you don’t listen to more obscure bands, you aren’t on par with other metallers. I feel metal-headism as it is known, is quite literally a contest between uncritical middle-class white boys to see who is more metal. It’s pointless to me, and only causes trouble. I may get some hatred for saying that, but it simply is. They come here, stating “what about rap what about pop”, but they fail to realise the logistics behind their own elevated positions within society. Classical music is listened to by a certain type of person, and I genuinely believe metal is as well.


TBF: Is it just modern metal you see as evil or do you feel the same about classic metal?

Hilary: Modern metal is far more problematic than classic metal, that’s for sure, but classic metal such as Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath laid the foundations. Just as Lenin laid the foundations for Stalin, he too should hold some of the blame.

TBF: How do you see other genres such as Punk, Goth and Emo?

Hilary: Punk, Goth and Emo we class as metal, most of the time as well. (It is easier that way). I’m not sure what bands constitute each genre, though, I’m afraid. It all sounds pretty much the same to me!

TBF: What about punks positive message about being free to express your individuality and that basically, everyone should be free to be themselves?

Hilary: Well, I agree that everyone should be able to be themselves as well, but what if yourself is a drug abusing rapist? Should you be free to be yourself then? I don’t think so. I genuinely feel there are things that are harmful to people, and society, that shouldn’t be allowed, and if more people said that I am sure we would be living in a utopia at the moment. As I said, I am not sure of the general messages punk music gives out, so I can’t contextualize my answer as well as I would like, but that is how I feel.

TBF: You describe yourselves as a support group for people who feel Slipknot has had a negative influence on their life. Please elaborate and tell us, have you ever ‘saved’ a Metaller?

Hilary: Oh many times, Steve! We have had countless messages saying how well we have done. That said, I do many hours in face to face contact time, going from town to town trying to help the homeless. Many of these listen to metal, and I stop them from such things. They are happy for it, and one even has a mortgage now because of it. This is an on-going struggle.

TBF: Have any of you had serious negative encounters with the Metal community?

Hilary: A month or so after we created this page, my (now-ex) husband was back traced to this address, where he was almost killed by a Metaller. On a more personal level, I was spat on and called a ‘niglt’ by a group of metallers. Most other people wouldn’t do that, and the only difference was the music. I was also seriously harassed by a metaller whom I thought I had gotten close to, just yesterday. I shall be posting about it perhaps on Friday, so I will alert you when it is posted.

TBF: And our famous last question where do you all see yourselves in five years?

Hilary: Five years? Well, in five years I hope to be living in England with Arnold. The percentage of metal heads per 1m in England is higher than any other place in the world. 80% of our fans are from Britain, and that simply cannot be a coincidence. I hope to have set up my first shelter for the metallers, under my new up and coming scheme “Sponsor a metaller” – I have yet to announce this, but again, when I am back full time, I intend to. The Sponsor a Metaller Shelter (SAMS) will be crucial to our growth as both a page, and thought tank. Many other pages have started to pop up, so I am also thinking of creating a brand, my own personal seal of approval. For instance, there are “Christians Against” pages that I simply cannot stand, and I feel their approach to things is all wrong. But then there are truly glorious ones, and I want people to know, that I, Ms’ Hilary Jackson, approve them. The League of C.A. Pages seems like a fitting name, but of course, this is only an idea at the moment! My first priority is moving to England, which I hope to have done by November.

Check out the Christians Against Facebook Page on Facebook

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