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TBF chats with Invisus, the “mad-scientist” behind Blodhemn

Like an impending great wave, Blodhemn – a one-man-band that has raged since 2004 – is approaching, ready to crash onto the forefront of the black metal scene. Described...

Like an impending great wave, Blodhemn – a one-man-band that has raged since 2004 – is approaching, ready to crash onto the forefront of the black metal scene. Described as ‘no-nonsense thrash’ ( producing music that ‘remains in memory’ (Metal Only), the Norweigan artist Invisus appears to have a lot more to offer in the future for all devoted metalheads. We chat to Invisus, the sole member of the band and musical scientist behind the madness, to find out more.

  1.       Tell us a bit about the history of Blodhemn – how did it begin?

I started Blodhemn back in 2004. At the time I lived in Fedje, a tiny island off the west coast of Norway. There wasn’t really any suitable people around to start up an extreme metal band with so I decided to do every instrument myself. The first years were spent mainly gaining experience – practicing my skills with the various instruments and making demo tracks. Early in 2008 the first demo, “Logical Madness”, was released, followed by the EP “Brenn Alle Bruer” in 2010. In 2012 the first full-length album “Holmengraa” was released, the second full-length album, “H7”, afterwards released in November 2014.

  1.    It’s amazing that you write and compose all of your music yourself during the creating and recording phases. What motivates you to make your music on your own as opposed to forming a band?

Thank you. I cherish the freedom of having Blodhemn as a one man band. I can do exactly what I want and not have to compromise with anybody. Off course there is an ego motive also.

  1.    Is there a particular message to be heard behind your music?

Yes, every song has a different meaning and message of course. I am not going to speak specifically on these themes…

  1.    Who are you biggest influences?

There’s no particular artist or band. There is no way of telling what is going to influence me musically. I draw inspiration from lots of music from a wide spectrum of genres.

  1.    You’ve been on tour with Mayhem – how was that?

We did a European tour with Mayhem in November 2014. The tour went great. We reached a lot of new audiences and got to promote the release of “H7” properly.

  1.    So tell us about your live performance history. Are there any particularly memorable gigs that spring to mind?

Blodhemn did not start playing live until early 2010. We had two really good gigs on the recent tour with Mayhem; Riga and Stockholm. The Riga gig had really good audience. Stockholm had the best audience of the whole tour. We also did a cover of Tormentor’s ‘Elizabeth Bathory with Attila Csihar on vocals’.

  1.    Would you say that your music has evolved over time in any way, and if so, how?

Brenn alle Bruer was the more straight forward, aggressive release. “Holmengra” was kind of more melodic and maybe not as “edgy” as BaB. The newest album, “H7”, is the most liberal and most experimental of all the releases. In general I think I am moving further away from TNBM with every release.

  1.    What are you working on now? Any new albums to expect?

I have finally picked up the guitar again, after a long pause. So yes, I have started the process of writing a new album, but i’m barely getting started.

  1.    Is there anything else that you’d like to say to your fans?

I would of course like to thank for all of the support! Skål!

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