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Suicide Girl of the Day: Peskey suicide

We’ve teamed up with to give our readers a featured Suicide Girl of the day. Today’s girl is Peskey suicide. To see more of Peskey suicide check out Peskey suicide...

We’ve teamed up with to give our readers a featured Suicide Girl of the day. Today’s girl is Peskey suicide. To see more of Peskey suicide check out

Peskey suicide

Age: 21

Location: Pennsylvania

AGE: 21 (Sep 05, 1991)

LOCATION: Pennsylvania, USA

HOMETOWN: Atlantadelphia.

AIM: nope

YAHOO: nope

MSN: nope

ICQ: nope




OCCUPATION: Vampire Slayer.


STATS: 32 | 24.5 | 35 5’4″ 125 lbs. BOOM.

BODY MODS: 1. 2 brass knuckle tattoos: each hip=1 2. gloomy bear tattoo: left arm 3. dermal anchor: tummy (removed so now a circular scar remains, awesome) 4. Monroe 5. stretched lobes: size 7/16″ presently. 😀 6. Bridge piercing 7. PowerPuff Girls in 2 hearts; left upper arm 8. “chest piece”: “Is Not Living Wanting To Be Different” (Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil) 9. Always on my left inner arm 10. Never on my right inner arm 11. Josephine Baker portrait; left forearm

HEROES: successful (short) women.

GETS ME HOT: pouty lips. calloused fingertips. curls. hipbones. clavicles. deep sexlines. intense stares before, during and after sex.

FAVORITE POSITION: fuck me like a dog.

FANTASY: I prefer Sci-Fi and Memoirs, actually.

SIGN: Virgo.

MOST HUMBLING MOMENT: every time I’m forced to piss in public.

I LOST MY VIRGINITY: because I loved him back then.


MY DIET: Omnivore

ALCOHOL: I am a complete drunkard

MY DRUG USE: Down the hatch

I AM LOOKING FOR: whoever comes along

MY KINK FACTOR: I’ll try anything once, especially if you beg for it.

MY POLITICS: Politics, who cares?

POT: Occasionally

MY STATUS: single

MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: When I go out, ANYTHING can happen.

I WANT: Romance, Friendship, Online Flirting

MY PIGEONHOLES: Fuck you, I defy categories

INTO: BROWNIES. being a bitch. eye makeup. sex. ink. metal. leather. lace. boys. girls. fun. wrestling. peacock feathers. swan wings. pearls. glitter. writing. modeling. diamonds. sapphires. gold. nudity. technology. hardcore/punk/industrial/metalcore/screamo/alternative/hip-hop/jazz/soul /pop/indie/some country music. moshpits. sarcasm. headbanging. fashion. the art of ruining lives. lipstick. girl scout cookies. girltalk. rabbits. lifestyle brands (and models). the life-saving god known as Starbucks. sunglasses. sunflowers. beaches. swim suits. nice teeth. muscles. pale skin. lip nibbling. licking. pretty eyes. long hair on guys. holding hands. making catch phrases. making out. new friend requests. narcissism. accents. washing cars. heels. cute gore. ring pops. shotguns. lingerie. big cities. long baths while listening to loud music. lighters. bbq ribs! brass knuckles. strip teasing/burlesque/using my body to make you sweat. my fucking life. old school PlayStation 2 consoles and games. the colors chartreuse and goldenrod. people who use proper grammar/mechanics and punctuation. Philly’s ever-evolving pop culture and slang.

NOT INTO: RACISM. depression. illiteracy. BOYS overcompensating for things they can’t control because they think that’s what MEN do. misogyny. lies. faking orgasms. trying too hard to create works of ‘art.’ style biting/copying. hypocrites. sanctimonious, condescending bullshit. hipsters. STEREOTYPES. pubic hair. hairy chests. double chins. furries. chores. IGNORANCE. ugly, poorly-done, CHEAP tattoos. flat asses. Anything that isn’t about me.

MAKES ME HAPPY: kissing. walking around the city at night. summertime. ice cream and Kit-Kat bars. good hair days. going to shows. living my American dream. girls who don’t play the victim. girls who consider most guys play toys. ugly dolls. awesome designs on not so awesome t-shirts. designer bags. wordplay. confidence. intelligence. flirting. cuddling. laughing. naps. dancing in (and out of) my underwear.

MAKES ME SAD: I don’t get sad; I get violently angry.

HOBBIES: shopping, singing, reading, creating, writing, listening to new music, people-watching, life commentating, strutting the concrete runway, dancing in heels, killing my liver.

5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT:glasses, cell phone, bert’s bees, favorite jeans, whatever journal I’m writing in this month.

VICES: xxx!!! black liquid eye liner & red lipstick. Starbucks baked goods & salted caramel hot chocolate | caramel-apple spice cider. Tanqueray + sprite OR soco + coke.


I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: holed up in my room touching myself, making googly eyes at random passersby, fantasizing, singing, biting my lip, talking shit, starting novels and never finishing them, shaking (or posing) my ass for $$$. - Pin-Up Punk Rock and Goth Girls


  1. Chiodos | Dance Gavin Dance | Scary Kids Scaring Kids
  2. Alexisonfire | Armor For Sleep
  3. Silverstein | The Cure | The Smiths
  4. The Academy Is… | GymClassHeroes
  5. Bring Me The Horizon | Emmure
  6. Amy Winehouse | Fefe Dobson | Adele
  7. Arctic Monkeys | Death Cab for Cutie | Brand New
  8. Metric | Lydia | Paramore
  9. Envy on the Coast | Circa Survive
  10. I Wrestled A Bear Once | City and Colour


  1. The Matrix | Sin City | Pulp Fiction
  2. A Very Long Engagement | Amelie
  3. Grindhouse: Deathproof | Sev7n
  4. Kill Bill, Vol 1 | In Bruges
  5. America’s Sweethearts | 40 Days and 40 Nights
  6. Manic | (500) Days of Summer
  7. Thumbsucker | The Go-Getter
  8. Trainspotting | Prozac Nation
  9. Jennifer’s Body | The Ballad of Jack and Rose | CAMP
  10. A Bronx Tale | The Strangers


  1. No One Belongs Here More Than You
  2. anything Bukowski or George Orwell
  3. The Revolution on Canvas, Vol 1.
  4. Lolita | Harry Potter series
  5. Gloom Cookie | Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
  6. Sense and Sensibility
  7. A Million Little Pieces
  8. Empress of the World | Gossip Girl series
  9. Sailor Moon | Ceres: Celestial Legend series
  10. Invisible Monsters | Snuff | Survivor | Fight Club


  1. TrueBlood
  2. Secret Diary of a Call Girl | United States of Tara (RIP)
  3. Degrassi
  4. PowerPuff Girls | Adventure Time
  5. Ren and Stimpy | Invader Zim | Ahh! Real Monsters
  6. Skins (UK Version, fuck the Yankee rip off)
  7. True Life
  8. Teen Mom
  9. Courage the Cowardly Dog
  10. Rocko’s Modern Life


  1. Mori Chack
  2. Renoir//Warhol
  3. Yuu Watase
  4. Naoko Takeuchi
  5. Christian Louboutin (fuck off, fashion is an artform)
  6. Manolo Blahnik
  7. Steve Madden
  8. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel
  9. Max Azria
  10. Lady GaGa (an artist in every sense of the word)

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