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Suicide Girl of the Day: Kurosune Suicide

We’ve teamed up with to give our readers a featured Suicide Girl of the day. Todays girl is Kurosune Suicide. To see more of Kurosune Suicide go to...

We’ve teamed up with to give our readers a featured Suicide Girl of the day. Todays girl is Kurosune Suicide. To see more of Kurosune Suicide go to

Kurosune Suicide
Age 23
Location California, USA

occupation: During the day, I’m an innocent, mild-mannered author of erotica, and a student of many studies. By night, a Kitsune/Succubus/Friendly Neighborhood Ninja-Assassin who carries out deadly sexy missions.

current crush: それは秘密です…

stats: Type: Wave Pokemon. Moves: Dive, Surf, Hydro Pump, Sheer Cold. Bio: Rearranges the molecules in her body to disappear in water, allowing her to grab the legs of hot surfers, drag them under, kiss them and swim away giggling like a drunken schoolgirl.

body mods: Come and find em all…

heroes: My mother (survived a brain aneurism and two strokes), the erotic author Zane, Lady Snowblood, aka, Syurayuki-hime, and Milloux SG. She’s the reason I wanted to become a SuicideGirl!

gets me hot: Motorcycles (as well as men who can ride them well), older men, but not old enough to be my dad. Loyal, faithful men who aren’t afraid of commitment and who are great with kids. AND…sexy men. And by “sexy”, I mean taller than me, in shape, active, funny, and AMAZING in bed.
favorite position: I bend like the bad girls bend.

fantasy: One involving me coming home to a blackout, and my boyfriend/fiance/husband (whatever he is to me at the time), coming up behind me, pinning me up against the wall (or whatever I happen to be near), tying me up, and fucking me until I can’t even stand straight. Pretty much, a night of hot, raging sex where I’m his total sub, all the while while he says “I love you” and means it.

sign: Aquarius/Year of the Dragon *rawr*
most humbling moment: Having to return home three years later after running away.

i lost my virginity: Oh, that’s an easy one. Picture it, Sicily, 1947……


MY DIET: Omnivore

ALCOHOL: Occasionally

MY DRUG USE: Drug Free

I AM LOOKING FOR: someone exotic

MY KINK FACTOR: I’ll try anything once, especially if you beg for it.

MY POLITICS: Bleeding-heart Liberal

POT: Nope

MY STATUS: exclusive relationship

MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: When I go out, ANYTHING can happen.

I WANT: Friendship

MY PIGEONHOLES: Crafty, Arty, Hardcore, Jazz Cat, Tattooed, Fashionista, Piercing, Bookworm, Geek, Fetish, Gamer, Diva, Fuck you, I defy categories

into: NOT being a stereotype, late night motorcycle rides, white hot chocolate, flan, cheesecake, writing, being a bookworm, surfing, and video games. My name is composed of the two Japanese words “Kuro” (Japanese for “Black”). “Sune” (Second half of the Japanese word “KitSUNE”, which means “Fox”. Kitsune has been my nickname since forever because of how my eyes slant and close when I smile. Either way I am open, sexual, and thoroughly intense! I’m super into (and LOVE) chivalrous men! And sex. GOD, I love sex and I think about it way more than I should. And I don’t mean I think about having it (okay, well, I do), but I mean I just enjoy thinking about it and exploring it in all of it’s forms.
not into: Honestly? I’m not into smoking. Nothing against people who smoke pot or cigarettes, it’s just not really my thing. Oh, and since we’re being honest, anal sex. Yeah, you read that right. No buttsex for me, thank you very, very VERY much, haha. I HATE hot/spicy foods. Also: I’m not into chauvinists; go make your own fucking sandwiches!!! Better yet, make me a damn sandwich!

makes me happy: Late night motorcycle rides, video games, swimming, surfing, sports, cooking, dancing, mixed martial arts, ballet, playing the violin, writing, and talking dirty in your ear while you try and have a conversation over the phone with your mother. I LOVE books. I mean I have the biggest hard-on for books and have little patience for people who put down books of any sort. (In fact, I will admit that I almost flunked freshman year of high school because I ditched and spent most of my time hiding in the library.) I love sweet foods, and have SUCH a massive sweet tooth (white hot chocolate, flan, and strawberry cheesecake are my favorites!!!!). I’m definitely a carnivore and not a girl you take out and expect to get a salad with some water.

makes me sad: I HATE people who mock other peoples’ beliefs, particularly on religion. Just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I’ll be forcing my beliefs down your throat and just because I believe in gay rights, sex before marriage doesn’t mean I’m not one. If you don’t wanna believe in God, fine; seriously, I am not judging you!!! Worship whoever you want to worship. Just don’t come down on me for my beliefs, religious or otherwise. I HAAAAATE stereotypes (especially people who play them up). There is NOTHING sexy about being ghetto and ignorant. Sorry. I refuse to be stupid by association. I’m not into racists or closed-minded people. For instance: people who are against gay marriage, racists, douchebags, men who are afraid of commitment, men who think I just want to fuck and move on with my life, and also, men who don’t take care of their children.

hobbies: Writing, dancing ballet, kickboxing, daydreaming, napping, surfing, snowboarding, video games, anime, manga, cosplaying (yes, I’m a cosplayer haha!), and going for long walks.

5 things i can’t live without: God, my imagination, my headphones, my diary, and love from my family and friends.

vices: I have two big ones: I have a massive sweet tooth for white hot chocolate, custard leche flan, and cheesecake. The other is that I swear like a motherfucker (oops. That one slipped, honestly!), but I am also one of the classiest broads you will ever know. I also have a tendency to forget (Read: Not give a fuck) that some people are total prudes, so if I have to change clothes in front of people or I feel like walking around stark naked, I do so, and apparently, that makes people uncomfortable. (Read: I REALLY don’t give a fuck.)

thoughts on sg: I love it

i spend most of my free time: thinking about my future, my dreams, my goals, food, sex (a LOT), writing, and my ideal man and getting married and having children.

1. Gackt
2. Classical
3. J-Pop/J-Rock/J-Rap
4. Oldies
5. Vocaloid Music
6. Some American Pop
7. Some american rap (VERY little)
8. Accoustic
9. Rock
10. Danceclub music

1. The Fox and the Hound
2. The Lion King
3. The Birdcage
4. The Notebook
5. Scarface
6. Memoirs Of a Geisha
7. Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2
8. To Kill A Mockingbird
9. Chicago
10. InuYasha 2: Castle Beyond The Looking Glass

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