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Siouxsie and the Banshees Release Remastered Studio Albums

We love a bit of old-school rock here at the flag so when we heard one of our all time favourites Siouxsie and the Banshees were going to be re-releasing...

We love a bit of old-school rock here at the flag so when we heard one of our all time favourites Siouxsie and the Banshees were going to be re-releasing their last four studio albums we got all in a fluster. All four albums will be getting a digital mastering and some extra content so we headed over to have a listen to these great albums.


Released in 1987, Through the Looking Glass was the groups covers album, showcasing some wonderful re-imaginings of classic songs that had influence the groups respective members. These included the most famous hits, the epic This Town Aint Big Enough For Both Of Us, Iggy Pop’s timeless Passenger and the hauntingly beautiful Strange Fruit, penned by Abel Meeropol and given to the world by Billie Holiday. Through The Looking Glass was well received by critics and fans alike and flows beautiful from track to track in a beautiful patch work of amazing writing. In this remastered offer we are treated to remixes of Wheel’s on Fire and Passenger with a slight more upbeat tempo.




Peepshow was a move in a new direction for the band, now a quintette, presenting a more pop inspired collection but was still a favourite amongst fans with two very succesfull singles in the form of Pekk-A-Boo and The Last Beat of My Heart. On this album, Siouxsie’s voice explores a haunting new range that highlighted just how talented she was. On this new release we are treated to El Dia De Los Muertos Espiritu Mix and The Killing Jar Lepidopteristic Mix as well as a beautiful live recording of Last Beat Of My Heart.




Superstition carries on in the bands previous vein, occasionally crossing over into synth territory, again though the album was praised by critics and although did not show case the vocal range we knew Siouxsie was capable of still delivered the haunting but beautiful mix up upbeat tones and melancholic rhythms. This is one of the albums Siouxsie herself was not pleased with due to the production techniques used. On this release we get treated to new remixes of the single Kiss Them For Me.



The Rapture was released in 1995 and would be the last Siouxsie and the Banshees album. Produced mainly by the band over several years it was an explosive end to an amazing career spanning two decades. The ghostly yet uplifting atmosphere propelled the listener through each track culminating in the wonderful title track and showing us again just how great the writing and performing of a band who managed to remain current through 20 years of recording can be. This new release gives us New Skin  in it’s original and completed forms as well as the track FGM.


The remastered editions of these tracks are available for download and purchase on 13th October 2014 from all good retailers. Treat yourself to a wonderfully polished piece of musical history and grab a copy of each album for your collection. Head over to the band’s website for more.


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