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Review: Waves by Vulgate

We’ve been hot on everything the Thrash Metallers from Hastings have been doing recently and with good reason, they represent an uprising of fresh talent working hard to get...

We’ve been hot on everything the Thrash Metallers from Hastings have been doing recently and with good reason, they represent an uprising of fresh talent working hard to get their music to the forefront in a society where talent is measured by the vastness of your social media following rather than the quality of the sound being produced. In their album Waves we see how a group of lads from a small seaside town can smash out a master piece with little more than passion and a hardcore following in front of the stage not just on Twitter.

Waves has been hard work, that the sense you get when you talk to Ben Taylor about how the album came to be. There’s an overwhelming sense of pride in a creation that has far surpassed any expectations of those waiting for that opening riff. It’s been a labour of love and usually they are the best ones, the trials and hardships of releasing such an iconic album would be too much for some, but when you’re doing what you love, and doing that with your mates, then you can achieve anything, that’s how the best bands started, and that’s what these guys are doing.

If you’ve heard any of their previous releases or even been lucky enough to see the guys live then you’ll be glad to hear that Waves maintains that relentless onslaught started on the EP. We got a taste of how good it was going to be when Vulgate released the first single from the album, The One Who Knocks, and the rest of the album matches this great track in both ferocity and quality, it’s loud and angry, a lightning-paced orgy of beautiful riffs and hellishly powerful drum lines. The vocals produced by William Brown can only be described as demonic in their intensity, spitting each lyric with passionate fury into the mic like the fallen himself declaring the end of days. It’s impossible not to get caught up in the raw emotion of an album that flows seamlessly from track to track with no rest bite or chance to recover, continuously hammering at your skull like a deranged killer. Pushed for a favourite, I think Waters of Judgement, takes my trophy with the single being a very close second place, but that’s a tough call, because each track is faultless in it’s delivery and solid as vegetarian shit.

Waves, to me, represents something more than just one bands talent etched onto a shiny disc, it’s a throw back to the Thrash bands of yesterday, before music videos, and therapy sessions, and rehab, before people felt the need to apologise or worry about offending the immigrant next door. This is an album that says Fuck You to anyone who doesn’t like it, it makes no apologise for what it is, and maintains from start to finish the integrity that is lacking in so many bands today. This, ship mates, is the Bronson of Thrash metal, kicking and fighting it’s way through a myriad of thoughtless cunts to shine bright as the celebrity it was always intended to be, bare knuckles and bloody.

Waves is out now on CD or download from BandCamp, so get on over to FaceBook and tells these guys how much you love what they do and make sure you keep and eye on news for upcoming tours.




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