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Review: The Dead Daisies

You may have noticed it’s been a bit blowy, so to ease the pain of repairing the damage we had a little listen to the debut album from The...

You may have noticed it’s been a bit blowy, so to ease the pain of repairing the damage we had a little listen to the debut album from The Dead Daisies, a super group comprised of members of Guns ‘n’ Roses, INXS and Rolling Stones. Surely you can’t go wrong!


When you look at the stats of this team of impressive artists, ranging from INXS and Noisetrade singer Jon Stevens through Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed of Guns ‘n’ Roses fame mixed with Bill Wyman’s replacement Bassist Darryl Jones and Australian greats Charlie Drayton and David Lowy, it’s hard to know what to expect.

What I wasn’t expecting was chunky blues sound thicker than a 12oz steak and with just as much meat on it. Opening track “It’s Gonna Take Time” runs smoother than a bullet train with true, drive with the top down, riffs and squeezes every drop of talent out of each team member. Each track that follows is just as smooth, and it isn’t background music! you can’t do the ironing or cook dinner listening to this, it has to be enjoyed like a fine aged scotch, you can’t just neck it, you have to saver it and take in each subtle flavour as it takes over your senses.

We get a quick cameo from Slash on “Lock ‘n’ Load” which is cleverly understated, as there tends to be a danger of Slash taking over when he cameos on other people tracks and the sheer greatness swamps everything else, but that isn’t the case here, his solos complement the track but don’t detract from the sheer talent of the others. It will be the most popular track on the album but that’s in part to do with a great bit of writing rather than just the presence of the guitar god and incidentally will be the first single from the album.


My personal favourite is probably “Yesterday” but it’s just a personal taste, there isn’t a single bad track on this album, not even a filler, it’s pure quality from stat to finish and any track could be released as a single.

The album will be released into the world on the 25th November 2013, incidentally exactly 31 years after I was released into the world, all good things happen on that day it would seem. As for popularity then it comes down to how far out of their comfort zones die hard fans are willing to venture, it may be too bluesy for Roses fans but INXS and Stones fans may all find something they love. Head over to The Dead Daises website for more info on the band and the album.



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