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Review: Singles Collection By Killing Joke

Here at The Black Flag we sail to a constant chorus of hearty songs that lighten the heart and quicken the mind, we chant tales of adventure and spin...

Here at The Black Flag we sail to a constant chorus of hearty songs that lighten the heart and quicken the mind, we chant tales of adventure and spin yarns of glory, but sometimes we can’t be arsed to sing or chant and we just listen to Killing Joke. So it’s nice of them to bring out a brand spanking new collection of their singles from 1979 to 2012, and I for one am very excited.


Anyone who knows me well enough will know I love Killing Joke, I have for a very long time and there are several reasons as to why. Firstly I love raw punk and that is what Killing Joke is all about, they are the masters of taking any message and developing it into a work of art that batter down the listeners ear drums and screaming right into their brain. I am a massive fan of Jaz Coleman as a person, he’s eccentric and outspoken but he’s not afraid to tell it like it is and he’s a genuine;y intelligent person. Lastly, I’m very patriotic and Killing Joke hail from the very heart of the home of Punk Music, London.

Anyone who is a Killing Joke fan will recognise these tracks as they are the releases from each album, but they don’t represent the bread and butter for each album as their albums tend not to have filler tracks, there are the more melodic and the more raw tracks but each album is quality from start to finish. This collection would suit anyone who isn’t familiar with Killing Joke and wants to get a broad idea of their style, it may also suit anyone who just wants the more popular stuff to play regularly in a pub or shop for example. There’s nothing new here for the die hard fan unless you treat yourself to the Deluxe edition which has a third CD of rarities and previously unreleased tracks, or the Super Deluxe Edition which contains a whole host of goodies for the serious fan including a Cigar Box and a 32-page book all about the band.


With Killing Joke celebrating the end of the world by releasing their singles collection after the supposed event, they show their humorous side and give us a small glimpse of the true nature of Killing Joke with a subtle stab at society. This collection represents a mile stone in the careers of one of the greatest bands in musical history and gives an opening to allow more fans to receive their message and start loving the music, but also the odd treat for the die hard who has stuck by them through the years. I won’t waste my time reviewing it track by track, because saying it’s great 33 times would make for a boring read, I’ll simply say that if you are a fan of punk music or any kind of alternative music for that matter then get hold of this CD and enjoy every minute. If you are a parent or older sibling and you have a kid in your house who listens to Blink 182 and combs his hair over his face, buy them this CD and make them listen to it, you’ll be doing us all a massive favour.

I look forward to another great 33 years of amazing Killing Joke records, if you want to purchase this awesome collection then head over to the Killing Joke website where you will directed to the various ways you can purchase. For now here is the single from their astonishing 2012 album ‘MMXII’, ‘Corporate Elect’




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