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Review: Resilience by Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool step back into the limelight with a new singer and a new album, and I’m pleased because I’m a massive fan of Drowning Pool and I’ve been...

Drowning Pool step back into the limelight with a new singer and a new album, and I’m pleased because I’m a massive fan of Drowning Pool and I’ve been waiting a long time for someone who can match the raw growl of original frontman Dave Williams, have we got that now in new vocalist Jason Moreno? My views on replacing dead singers has been well documented and debated by people who work for more commercial music magazines but in reality have very little intelligence, and that view of course is that when the singer dies so does the band and a change of name is required. If you want to know my reasoning then head over to my article about Alice in Chains, for now here is Drowning Pool fresh from releasing yet another singer who struggled to keep up with the pace despite himself being the frontman of an equally awesome band, Soil.

The problem is, I think, that we have all been waiting for another Sinner, because that album was so fresh and raw with it’s single Bodies having been used by so many people to promote a variety of things and every song from start to finish ripping out your ear drums and screaming into your brain. The reality is, we will never have another Sinner and Drowning Pool will never make a comparable album but does that mean this album is no good? far from it! Jasen Moreno represents the first time Drowning Pool have even come close to recovering the sound they had when Dave Williams was chewing the microphone, he has that raw tone and evil growl that Williams had and you can hear the passion.

The quality of the writing has gone up a notch too, with the last 3 albums failing to produce anything memorable, here we are treated to several anthems that would get any mosh pit jumping. The best track on the album has to be ‘One Finger and a Fist’, a true metal anthem in classic Nu Metal style, which I defy anyone not to sing along to whilst punching the shit out of the air. This track takes me back to the hey day of Nu Metal when Bodies was still fresh and bands like Korn, Limp Biskit and Linkin Park were still smashing apart the music channels.A time when pub DJ’s would put on a metal anthem and the whole building would shake as baggy shirt-wearing drunks would hug each other and shout along with their favourites.

Resilience isn’t Sinner and thank god for that, because who wants to hear the same album over and over again, as much as I love the album here Drowning Pool have put together an album which has the same energy but is a more mature and in some places more melodic version of the heart pumping classics we had in the first years of this millennium. People will say this album isn’t as good as it’s predecessors  and the Moreno hasn’t got the range that Williams had and they will all go back to playing bodies to death, but imagine this, imagine if they had released this album under a different name with no reference to Drowning Pool, then it would be taken at face value, as a brilliant recording with some truly epic moments.


I implore you to listen to this album and forget about anything Drowning Pool have done before, take it as the first offering from an entirely new band and you will love it just the way you loved Sinner when it was released. Catch up with Drowning Pool on their website or follow them more socially on FaceBook or Twitter


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