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Review: A Long Time Coming by Profane and The Sacred

It’s that time again, New Year and New Music, so here at the flag we strapped ourselves in for a morning of sore neck muscles as we go horns...

It’s that time again, New Year and New Music, so here at the flag we strapped ourselves in for a morning of sore neck muscles as we go horns up and heads down for the debut album from the UK’s own Profane and The Sacred, A Long Time Coming.

Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming is one of those albums that will always be referred to as a modern classic, which in itself is a complement but in reality won’t do it the justice it deserves. Listening to the thudding riffs and growling Anselmo-esque vocals cracking their way through your ear drums, these tracks are comforting to the few of us hardcore enough to remember when making albums was hard work. There’s more than just a nod here to the great metal bands of old who paved the way and it’s exciting to hear tracks that that feel like they’ve been built from the ground up by musicians who sweated their way through hours of live gigs to get that sound just right.

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I use the reference to Phil Anselmo in relation to the vocals and make no apologies for it, but you could relate that pedigree to the feel of this album, if you’re a fan of Down, BLS or contemporaries then you will be as excited about this as I am. Not just because in the last few years we’ve been inundated with pretenders who have tried and failed to reach that hallowed mark but because they miss that mark and far surpass it. That’s not to say Profane and The Sacred don’t have their own sound, they absolutely do and they breathe life into great tracks like “Weather The Storm” and the single “Words” with an energy that grips you by the bollocks and says “Fucking dance Bitch!!” leaving you helpless to resist the urge to nod approvingly through each second of the album.

Profane and The Sacred have gone out and done the unthinkable, make a new album with stunning great new sound that flows effortlessly together like cream over a hot chocolate sponge but makes it feels like you’ve been listening to it for years. Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming is the ear porn that will be gracing my speakers for a long time to come and I wait with baited breath for Chapter 2!

If you want to find out more about these guys then head over to their FaceBook page or hit their Website, for now here is the video to the fucking awesome “From The Top”.


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