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Review: John Foxx and The Maths Cargo 5th of September, 2012

  The venue is situated in Railway Arches in Shoreditch East London. If you didn’t know where it was, you’d never find it at all. Whilst waiting for the...


The venue is situated in Railway Arches in Shoreditch East London.

If you didn’t know where it was, you’d never find it at all.
Whilst waiting for the gig to start ( I was very early), I could hear the sound check going on.

The strains of ‘Shatterproof’ were beginning.  Voices and instruments being tuned to perfection for the gig.

The nights support was Tara Busch, who was showcasing her album ‘ I speak Machine’. A story about a lonely Professor who builds an Android double and the journey G.E.N.A and the Professor takes. Ending with the Professor giving G.E.N.A her heart so G.E.N.A can live.
Also appearing were 2 Dj’s, one of whom was in the 80’s band Cabaret Voltaire.
John appeared on stage and opened with ‘Shatterproof’.The stage set was intimate and simple with lights, a couple of lazers and a large screen behind with images picked by Foxx himself. With John centre stage on keyboards, Hannah keyboards and Violin and Benge on drum machines. Sadly due to other commitments, the 4th member, Serafina, could not be there. As a trio it worked very well.
Tonight John Foxx and The Maths were previewing their new album ‘Evidence’ as well as from past albums. Foxx also performed some tracks from his early incarnation Ultravox! ( the band that now has Midge Ure as lead ).
The atmosphere was quiet and strange. I’ve been to many gigs, past and present, but I’ve never seen an audience clap politely and hardly move at all with the music. As the night went on I still couldn’t understand why so few people were singing along or even dancing.
The venue was alive to the sound of analogue synths, a powerful but soft voice and the thrill of the journey John and the band took us on. His presence on the stage, large or small, needs no huge light show, structures or any gimmicks.
As John, Benge and Hannah returned for an encore, the audience livened up. John introduced the band and thanked them and everyone for coming,then made a startling admission. “Had Hannah Peel not made the gig tonight, there would have been no gig at all.
John Foxx is a musician, artist and performer extrordinaire. Despite the  crowd, the music was the star, the presence was John Foxx.

Set List as best as I can remember in no particular order:
Shatter Proof
The Plaza
Burning Car
Summer Land
No-One Driving
A new kind of man
The Running Man
He’s a Liquid
Good Shadow
Ever Green

From New album Evidence
My Town

This was a mail sent out through Metamatic.

A message from John Foxx And The Maths…
“We’re all really looking forward to the show at Cargo next Wednesday [the 5th of September, 2012], but unfortunately Serafina Steer is no longer able to join us due to other commitments.

“However, rehearsals as a three-piece have been going really well, especially the new material from the forthcoming “Evidence” album which we’ll be playing live for the very first time.

“It should be a great night with Tara Busch performing her brand new work “I Speak Machine”, and also Stephen Mallinder (ex-Cabaret Voltaire) joining Phil Winter as the Wrangler DJs.

“See you there!”

Fan quote:
The slimmed down three piece John Foxx & The Maths worked extremely well and gave an electric performance of songs old and new. John Foxx seemed relaxed to be back on familiar territory at Cargo which is not far from his old stomping ground. It’s the fourth time I’ve seen John Foxx & The Maths and this was by far the best performance…I can’t wait for the next one.

Fan Quote:
I’ve seen John 4 times in 2 years and this was the best I’ve seen him perform. Old tracks still sound fresh today. The tracks from the new album sound amazing.

Fan Quote:
This was my 3rd time seeing John Foxx and The Maths and it was a brilliant show. John looked great and as usual had tons of energy. I loved the setting and acoustics and Cargo would definitely be my choice of venue if I was to see them again.

Words: Caz Fox