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Review: The Deadmen debut EP

Occasionally here at the Flag it’s nice to take the tempo down a notch or two, long days and nights clinging to life at the mercy of cheap tequila...

Occasionally here at the Flag it’s nice to take the tempo down a notch or two, long days and nights clinging to life at the mercy of cheap tequila and cheaper women have to make way for a evening of sober reflection over a large scotch and a cigar. For just such an occasion we have The Deadmen’s debut EP.

The Deadmen are “emerging Washington DC Americana-Punks” and although not the heavy blend of death and melancholy we normally feature here they do possess an endearing charm that sets them apart from other bands emerging from these areas in the states. The Deadmen float scarily close to that all too disturbing genre of regurgitated ‘rock’ shit known as ‘Indie’ but thankfully never actually cross the line and that can only be a great thing, because any self respecting metal head knows that Indie is to rock what Tesco Value Chicken Roll is to Meat. Not even fucking remotely similar!!


In The Deadmen we find a group of guys who can actually play their instruments and have sat and written a collection of intelligent, thought-provoking pros that blend effortlessly with the cleverly understated backing track. In essence they become more of a modern day Creedence or dare I say it Lynyrd toward the end of the EP. OK so opening track, and single, ‘Let Your Fingers Rule’ is upbeat and extroverted, it jumps along merrily with the kind of draining positivity we’ve come to expect from pop-rock mincers like Kings of Leon and other assorted long-haired, hemp wearing tarts. It isn’t that though, when I listen to this I don’t feel a sudden need to stop washing and go to rehab, I just sit and listen, enjoy the music and that really is what this is all about, enjoyment, having fun, doing what we love to do. Stand out track for me has to be ‘Old Stone Bridge’ with ‘Sons and Dogs’ bringing up a close second place.

I applaude The Deadmen for being able to make an EP that will appeal to a massive range of audiences without losing the real essence of what they’ve set out to achieve, they’ve made music, for the sake of making music and that is all we can ask. Many of you hardened metallers won’t like it because it won’t make your ears bleed but for me, when I’m sitting smoking a fresh cigar and savouring the flavour of a nice single malt, this is what I’ll be listening to.

You can catch up with The Deadmen on FaceBook, Twitter or their Website and you can listen to the first single on SoundCloud.

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