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REVIEW: Danko Jones ‘Rock N Roll is Black and Blue’

The latest offering from the illustrious Danko Jones, ‘Rock N Roll is Black and Blue’ is the follow up to 2010s ‘Below the belt’, which was, of course the...

The latest offering from the illustrious Danko Jones, ‘Rock N Roll is Black and Blue’ is the follow up to 2010s ‘Below the belt’, which was, of course the bands finest outing to date.

This 13 track album kicks off with ‘Terrified’ a good opener, which races along at a thousand miles an hour before slowing right down for the middle eight which is a standard Danko trick.

Next up are the innuendo laced ‘Get up’, ‘legs’ and ‘Beautiful Day’. The latter of which is the first single to be released off of the album.  Danko voices his obvious appreciation for the female form in all three of these tracks. These are smutty lyrical innuendos that you’ll be singing along to in no time, while dancing around your living room playing air guitar like angus Young on Speed.

By this point in the album I’ve realised that it’s the same tried and tested formula that we’ve seen on every other Danko Jones album. But the thing is, it doesn’t matter. It’s sufficiently drawn me in and to be honest, it’s a formula that works. ‘Rock N Roll is Black & Blue’ is a case of, If it’s not broke, why fix it.

‘I Don’t Care’ is a catchy number with a strong riff and instantly infectious lyrics. I’d say this has the potential to be the bands next single, though don’t hold me to this. It’s also a track that seems to get better with every listen, which again is standard for a Danko Jones album.

More innuendo and strong instrumentals with ‘Wear me Down’ and ‘Type O Girl’. Before ‘Always Away’ which is almost a homage to rock royalty ACDC. In fact you could almost be mistaken for thinking that you were listening to a remix of Thunderstruck when hearing the intro, before it turns into a very un-Danko track. In fact this rapidly becomes my least favourite track on the album.

‘Conceited’ and ‘Don’t Due This’ are typical Danko Jones, having strong lyrics with a kick ass instrumental. While ‘The Masochist’ is pure adrenaline and at times feels a bit too manic and disorganised for my liking. Again this is not one of the better tracks off of the album.

Last up is ‘Believe in God’ which starts as a GOSPEL number before melding Rock n Roll and gospel together into a truly brilliant musical fusion. This is an excellent track and a great one to end the album on.

All in all ‘Rock N Roll is Black & Blue’ is a pretty good album. It’s no quite up to the standard of ‘Below the Belt’ but then I think that an extremely hard act to follow. Die-hard fans, like myself will love it and it’s a good jumping on point for people unfamiliar with the band. All in all this is everything that we’ve come to expect from Danko Jone and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rating: 7.5/10

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