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Review: Arizona Lights by Machinista

We’re fans of a bit of Synthpop here at The Flag, and when new music is hailing from the unofficial home of Synth, Sweden, then we have to get...

We’re fans of a bit of Synthpop here at The Flag, and when new music is hailing from the unofficial home of Synth, Sweden, then we have to get our ears on it as soon as we can. Luckily for us the nice guys over at Juggernaut Music were kind enough to let us.

Fans of Synthpop will know the names John Lindqwister and Richard Flow, or if not you will definitely have shaken a well lubricated move or two to there bands Cat Rapes Dog or Vision Talk, respectivelyComing together in this new unit it’s comforting to smell the wiff of pedigree on something so fresh, which despite all that history and experience, this is.It’s right up to date, here and now, so much so that you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a fresh out of band-camp act not two guys with a reputation for delivering flawless performances  for more than two decades.

In “Arizona Lights” we’re treated to four outstanding new tracks and then six remixes of two tracks from some of Juggernaut’s most creative artists, and that is an impressive list to say the least. Opening track, Arizona Lights, rips open this EP, truly taking no prisoners and showcasing what these guys can do. It really is a great track, at home in the stereo or the club it is absolutely guaranteed to get you pumped, which leads on that high very nicely into the following tracks. Now it’s our experience with these EP’s that the first track is mind-blowing and the rest are fillers just to get that track released, I’m pleased to say that ISN’T the case here at all, all four tracks are amazing and that’s before you even get to the remixes.

Right off the bat we’re treated to a rare phenomena  in this kind of release, an Acoustic version of Pushing The Angels Astray (track 4) which is both exquisite and haunting at the same time., it’s really beautiful and a real show of class and balls. The remixes of Salvation and the further reworks of Pushing The Angels Astray are real movers, they compliment the original tracks so well, showing nothing short of total respect for the original piece.

I have to say I really enjoyed this release by Machinista and I am honestly looking forward to hearing more from them in the future. You can find out more about the great Machinista here and buy their EP direct from Juggernaut Music here.

For now here is the fantastic Pushing The Angels Astray




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