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Review: Argonautica by Sacred Blood

It’s been a busy few weeks for the team here at the Flag so in order to relieve some stress we ordered a hair transplant, squeezed in to our...

It’s been a busy few weeks for the team here at the Flag so in order to relieve some stress we ordered a hair transplant, squeezed in to our old leather pants and went horns up for the new release from Sacred Blood, Argonautica!!

If you haven’t heard of Sacred Blood then by the gods you should be condemned to an eternity of suffering at Hades hands because these Greek Power-Metal Gods have thrown down against the big boys with every release so far. The previous Album, Alexandros, smashed through your ears like a magic-hammer wielding warrior searching for a glorious death. They didn’t hold back with this release either, using their talents to drum up an atmosphere more exciting than any history class you could find yourself in, in every song you get a real sense of the battle being waged, Polydeykis’s impressive guitar skills likened to that of a swordsman sweeping through a battlefield.


You may have noticed I’ve been making some obvious references to old warriors and greek gods etc. This is because Sacred Blood use these very story lines to create themes for their albums, in this case the story of Jason and The Argonauts searching for the Golden Fleece. Now, if you’re expecting a word by word recreation of the original story don’t hope too hard, the theme is merely a basis for the story and the elements are made up of some truly epic tracks that use both modern and folk instruments to create a backdrop that slams, balls deep, into your skull like a Greek Emperor buggering a stable boy.

Sacred Blood do an excellent job of delivering a stunning performance that leaves you gripped from track to track, it’s hard to pick out a favourite track because of the nature of the recordings but you’d have to look hard to find a bad one. Sacred Blood may not have Luca Turilli’s flare for the dramatic and whether you think that is a bad thing or not it might hinder their progression through the ranks of Epic Metal’s elitist heights. They are definitely doing the right things at the moment, hitting those high notes and telling a compelling story with a catchy melody, we certainly liked it and you will too when it’s released to the public on 13th April 2015.

If you want to have a listen head of to the Pitch Black Records website and have a listen. In the mean time keep up to date with all things Sacred Blood on their website or on the mighty Book of Face.



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