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Q&A with Dead Sons

Dead Sons are making waves in the music scene right now & that’s without even an album to promote. Hot on the heels of their most recent single release...

Dead Sons are making waves in the music scene right now & that’s without even an album to promote. Hot on the heels of their most recent single release – Room 54 – The black flag corned Byrne for a quick chat on their hometown, the music industry at large and killing swans…..

Black Flag: You hail from Sheffield which, as far as UK cities go, is synonymous with the rock scene. How much has growing up there influenced you as a band?
Dead Sons: To be honest no Sheffield band as such influences our music. That’s not to say we don’t like or appreciate the heritage our cities got. We just wanna do our own thing.

BF: You only formed in 2010, how did the band meet?
DS: Tom, Ryan and Joe where already in a 3 piece that where doing alright and they simply wanted to expand the sound. Bernie was brought in cause he’s proper reyt sound and can play loads of instruments, there’s no end to his talent and wit!! Luke was a natural progression, great musician and was a good mate before he joined.

BF: If the band could only ever play one song again, what would it be? (it can be one of yours!)
DS: At the minute it would have to be a new tune of ours called ‘Hangman’. It’s gonna be the next single after Room 54 and it’s a banger. We’ve played it live a number of times and the response has been very encouraging.

BF: Coming from Sheffield do you find that everyone immediately compares you to the Arctic monkeys and is this sometimes a hindrance?
DS: The thing is, we’ve got Sheffield accents and we make loud music, that’s the only comparison’s that can be made between us. We respect the Monkeys and obviously like everything they do, their good friends but we are doing our own thing. It can get frustrating at times but we tend to just ignore it.

BF: What’s been the highlight so far for Dead Sons?
DS: There have been a few highlights we can think of, Don Valley in front of 10,000 with the Monkeys, getting taken on by 13 Artists was nice and we recently headlined The Leadmill in Sheffield which was packed out.

BF: What’s been a ‘lowlight’?
DS: Everyone has shit gigs, it’s part of the game, it’s how you react to’ em that matters. We’re all reyt sound together so no matter where we go or what we do, we always have a laff.

BF: What sort of gig do you prefer playing – to a big festival audience or an intimate club? Do you believe your music is more suited to one arena than another?
DS: It’s 50/50 really, the little intimate gigs always go off. We did a show last year where we gutted out a mates shop, stuck a big PA in and then rammed it with sweaty kids and everyone went mental but on the other hand our music comes across better on a larger stage with more room to breathe. Like etc. It’s hard to choose between the two but it’s always nice playing on a big stage.

BF: If you could jam with any other artist/band, who would it be and why?
DS: We can’t answer that question.

BF: With the release of the single ‘Room 54’ will a full album be in the near future?
DS: We have made plans to record an album later in the year, as to what we do with it nothing is set in stone. We are definitely releasing another single towards the back end of the year. It might even be a double A-Side!

BF: Do you believe musically there is much of a ‘north/south’ divide in terms of how you are received and the music fans?
DS: This is a tough question, could open up a whole bag of worms with this. There’s always been a north/south divide and not just in music. We tend to find northern crowds will have it more and are more appreciative, they’re not just there because the NME told ‘em it’s cool to go. I think we should leave it at that.

BF: What does 2012 hold for the band?
DS: We’ll just keep doing what we do best, writing belting tunes, recording and gigging n getting our music out there. We’re enjoying the whole process at the moment and nothings gonna change that

BF: Do you believe for bands it has become harder to gain commercial breakthrough success due to the rise of the music reality TV shows?
DS: It’s all shite, the whole industry. If you wanna make music you believe in just do it yourselves, balls to the corporate wankers and the shit talent shows.

BF: If the band could legally break one law for one day, what would it be?
DS: Interesting. International drug smuggler, parking on yellow lines, Nudism, being able to kill a swan, take your pick!

BF: Why should the readers of check out one of your gigs this year?
DS: We have a very powerful live performance, a lot of energy, 2 drummers, a lot of instrument swapping. Plus we’re fucking reyt good!

Words: Brian mckay

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