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Piotr Balkus Meets Straftanz Jorg Lutkemeier

Straftanz is a German electronic dance music project, established in the summer of 2006. Straftanz is formed by a loose group of artists (j-ing, k-x, -jl- and cyberdominator) calling...

Straftanz is a German electronic dance music project, established in the summer of 2006. Straftanz is formed by a loose group of artists (j-ing, k-x, -jl- and cyberdominator) calling themselves the Straftanz ZK. Additional artists involved are Carsten Jacek (SITD), Mille Petrozza, and Myk Jung (The Fair Sex) who were involved in the recording of the first album Forward Ever. Some connection to the Futurpop Project Rotersand was claimed several times but never officially approved. In interviews, Straftanz described its musical style as “Industrial-Streetfighting-Dance”. In fact, the sound of Straftanz is best described as a mixture of EBM, futurepop, trance, rave, metal, and rhythm noise elements that are tied together with a present dance groove.

Piotr Balkus: In the band you know each other from nursery times. When you decided to create a band?

Jorg Lutkemeier: Actually we never decided to create a Band. Straftanz grew on us. It started with a single club hit and we figured most of it out later. Live requests came up long before we had any material to present. I joined the project as an active member when the decision was made to actually do live gigs. Straftanz grew on its demands and was never planned or constructed.

PB: Do you borrow “benzin” from your German fellows Rammstein?

JL: We think Rammstein is a quite influential band, yet we do not think that we have anything in common with them.

PB: You have. Fire…

JL: We actually believe our music to be like pink fur that got a distinct smell of alcohol, sulphuric acid and steel. However, our energy comes from the fact that we try to do music that is fun, that is fun to perform. We love what we do and we think, that this translates to the people listening or attending.

PB: And they do. Not only in Europe. You’ve played gigs in the USA. Many musicians say that’s it is hard for a European band to find fame in America. How is it in your case?

JL: No. Our american audience is highly enthusiastic, high spirited and our gigs work amazingly well. Americans seem to be quite open to the new.

PB: There is something bigger than music in your message. It’s kind of a view, kind of an appeal to be united…

JL: Yes. We do not believe in Hierarchies. Our culture does not exist on behalf of the stage but on behalf of the floor. This is what Straftanz is about. Escalation bottom to top.

PB: You describe your music as “Industrial Streetfighting Dance, Post Gothic Modernism, Obscure Germanic Tunneltechno, Culture Jamming Electro”… Do you agree that these days everything is mixed, crossovered, and every single band has his own genre of music?

JL: No. We think genres are over anyway.

PB: You’ve said  “Genres are over”, but you call your music “Tunneltechno”…

JL: Talla2XLC promoted the term since about 1982 and related Musicians were people such as Anthony Rother, Clock DVA and Front 242. Before EBM was publicly misunderstood and culturally raped by cogwheel gothtards, it was just one flavor of Techno. We do Techno. Names are dust, bassdrum is the law.

PB: “We came to rule”- that’s your statement I found on your Facebook page… Do you want to conquer the world?

JL: The Statement was “We came to rule, to burn the Dancefloor. – Fame is nothing, Bassdrum is the law”. We do not here to conquer the world. We can’t and we do not want. We want to remove the dogma from the dancefloor. Clean it. Bring back the great moments. The Hands up vibe. The energy. The rave.

PB: I wish you all the best with it. Thank you for an interesting conversation.

JL: Thank you.

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