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Piotr Balkus Meets JASON DANZELMAN of rock band VERSES

Description: Big anthemic rock with heart and balls from Brighton, UK. No World For Us EP out now from INTERVIEW WITH JASON DANZELMAN of rock band VERSES: Piotr...

Description: Big anthemic rock with heart and balls from Brighton, UK.
No World For Us EP out now from


Piotr Balkus: Your songs are about emotions. I think that your music is more about “feel” than “think”…
Jason Danzelman: I guess you could say it’s both. Lyrically a lot of what we do is based on lessons we learn, about realisations and about doing all we can to lead a positive life, so there is a sense of emotion there but it’s uplifting rather than being dark.

PB: Do you like when somebody put your music into “emo” box?
JD: We usually just describe ourselves as a rock band, but people can describe us however they see fit i suppose, as long as they’re enjoying the music that’s all that matters.

PB: When I listened your music for the first time I thought: “I dont need Iron Maiden any more”. You think playing music with such an energy, you make some old bands retired?
JD: I suppose when certain bands have been around for years and reach a point where they can’t carry on, there’s always a gap in the market for a new band to step in and follow in their footsteps, without sounding the same of course! We’re definitely not the next Iron Maiden, but we’re still young and full of energy and ideas, there’s a lot of life in us yet!

PB: I see kind of a new wave in emo melodic punk rock in the UK and around the globe. UK bands like Glamour Of The Kill, Don Broco, Verses, and US bands like Sound We Sleep, they play music with a new take on emo punk rock stuff…
JD: I think it’s great that music is always evolving and moving forwards, whatever tag people want to give it.

PB: On your website fans can watch your studio diary. I watched it and I have to say its kind of Big Brother situation. What I saw there it looks like you like working in the studio, do you?
JD: Yeah we love it! We had an awesome time with producer Romesh Dodangoda, he made us feel at home in his studio and i think we managed to get the balance right between working hard and having fun. That balance is extremely important i think!

PB: You will be playing Takedown festival this year. Are festivals a place where you belong??
JD: We’re really excited about Takedown as well as Hit The Deck festival. It’s definitely an ideal chance to put ourselves out there to people who’ve never heard of us! Plus when there’s lots of bands in one place there seems to be a friendly competitive vibe between bands and i like that, it makes every band determined to play the show of their lives.

PB: I think your music would be popular in US. Are you planning touring there?
JD: We would absolutely love to be popular in the States. No plans at the moment but hopefully the time will come! We’ve heard stories of UK bands having a really tough time the first time they tour over there, but the hard work pays off for some and we’d definitely be up for that challenge!

PB: You released the EP ‘No World For Us’. Please tell us more about this album.
JD: We’re really proud of it! It’s only four tracks so it’s basically an introduction to what this band is all about. It’s a really positive, honest rock record with a lot of feeling, we really put our hearts into it and our fans seem to be loving it, which we’re obviously mega happy about!

PB: There are thousands of new bands in the UK. Try to convince my readers that Brighton based band VERSES is worth of checking out.

JD: People should check us out because we don’t sound like anyone else! There’s nothing fake or pretentious about us, it’s just uplifting honest rock music and we totally mean everything we do and say. When we play live we’re just four guys having the time of our lives and we do all we can to make sure our fans have the time of their lives with us.

PB: I hope you have convinced The Black Flag readers. Thank you for taking time to talk to us.
JD: Thanks.

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