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LONDON FILM AND COMICON WINTER 2014 – 40 Year Old Cosplay Virgin

All images © KIKASSPHOTOGRAPHY Although not my first Comic Con, this was my first ever cosplay, all the times I’ve been to these type of things before I’ve never...


Although not my first Comic Con, this was my first ever cosplay, all the times I’ve been to these type of things before I’ve never thought about or even considered doing one before, this all changed when my wife and I went to Summer LFCC 2013. Everyone who was in cosplay seemed to be having a really great time, chatting and meeting new people, forming new friendships, and the bonus of having someone ask for a photo with you or even being in a video.

So, after this I put my plan into place to work on a Karl Kroenen / Hellboy cosplay. I sourced a few things like the mask and officers hat from the internet and I commissioned the holster and belt pouches from a leather crafts person in the States. I also felt l needed to make a few things, so I made the hellboy belt buckle and horse shoe – incidentally this broke quite early on, so I need to look at this again 🙂

On the Saturday of WLFCC, we got up nice and early to get ready, this is the point where I was starting to feel really very nervous, could I go through with it, what if someone made a horrible comment etc. but to my surprise as soon as I walked out of the hotel room I felt completely at ease, even when we got into the lift on the 7th floor and it stopped at every floor to let more people in, we got some strange looks but I quite liked how people were reacting in their own way, I can’t imagine what they said after they got out 😀

We arranged to meet up with Nikki – a really lovely lady from one of the groups we belong to on Facebook in the hotel foyer, this was her first cosplay as well so we thought safety in numbers. We made the short walk up to Earls Court where we joined the ever expanding queue. One thing that I found quite comforting is that I didn’t feel like I was being judged, don’t get me wrong we all judge people, but it felt like I could relax into it and that I was among people who enjoy what you’re doing and maybe, just maybe I could in some small way inspire someone else to have a go at cosplay.

With no preconceptions of what to expect, we dropped our bags off and went wondering about amongst it all and to my surprise and excitement almost instantly we were asked by total strangers if they could take a photo or have their photo taken with us. Now, having a mask on obviously no one could see my face, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat and laughing to myself. Just seeing the reaction I got was like nothing I’ve ever experienced 🙂 For me, to be able to have a positive impact on someone’s day was intoxicating, and even though I was sweating like a pig and steaming up underneath the mask, I didn’t care I just wanted to walk around and interact with other cosplayers – who are the nicest, friendliest bunch you could ever meet 🙂 as well as regular show goers, just to see what would happen.

So now I’m hooked, in November we’re going to MCM Birmingham where my whole family are cosplaying, where we can tweak our costumes, have even more great fun and brush up on our poses even further on I’m planning my next character to cosplay – Judge Death, at LFCC Summer 2015 😀

Phillip Lowe

Karl Kroenen / Hellboy Mash-Up