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Jet Noir Talks To The Black Flag About New Single Signs

The uber-talented singer, DJ and model Jet Noir is releasing a brand spanking new single, on new label Evolve or Die, called Signs. Being ever inquisitive as I am,...

The uber-talented singer, DJ and model Jet Noir is releasing a brand spanking new single, on new label Evolve or Die, called Signs. Being ever inquisitive as I am, I decided to track down the beautiful Miss Noir and press her for a few words about her awesome new track.

TBF: Hi Jet

JN: Hi

TBF: How did Signs come about and what was the inspiration?

JN: I Wanted to Write and Release a First Track for My Next Album which Would have Impact but Also be a Bit of a Crowd Pleaser and be Very Danceable. I Decided to Do Something Nice and Light and Not too Heavy Statement. It was Inspired by a Desire to Release a Special Valentine’s Day Track.

TBF: As an artist what is the process of creating a track like Signs?

JN: Usually I Start Off by Strumming on an Acoustic Guitar to Get a Good Melody Going and then Get on Cubase to Write the Main Track. Finally, I Write the Lyrics and Record Vocals. On ‘Signs’ I Kept the Vocals to a Minimum with a Light and Airy Feel so the Listener’s Attention was Directed More to the Music. I Wanted the Vocal Line to Merely Enhance the Track.

TBF: Is there a message in the song? If so what is it?

JN: ‘Signs’ is a Love Song. It’s about a Girl Asking a Guy to Show Her how to Win His’ Heart. Deep Down I’m a Bit of a Romantic. I Just Tend to Keep It Hidden Beneath a Veil of Cynicism.

TBF: How would you describe Signs to someone who’s not familiar with the style?

JN: Signs is a Trance Track with a Hint of a Cinematic, Orchestral Feel with a Bit of Electric Guitar Thrown In for Good Measure.

TBF: How does it feel working with Evolve Or Die?

JN: I Love Working as Part of a Team. It’s Nice to Feel like I’m Supported and that My Talent is Being Nurtured. It’s More of a Family than a Business and I Like That. In the Music Industry there Seems to be a Lot of Backstabbing and It Makes a Refreshing Change to Deal with People Who are All about the Music and Helping One Another Rather than Bitching and Gossiping.

TBF: What’s the ethos behind Evolve Or Die?

JN: Evolve Or Die is about Working Together and Collaborating with Other People in the Arts Who want to Change the Face of the Music Industry in a Positive Way. We Want to Push Boundaries and Join Forces to Have a Stronger Voice in a Greedy, Corporate World.

TBF: Does that make it easier to be more creative and/or expressive in your work?

JN: Yes,Absolutely. I Have the Freedom to Express Myself Exactly as I See Fit. There are No Rules or Restrictions Holding Me Back. Being Signed to Evolve Or Die Means I Still have Full Control Over My Career.

TBF: Are you excited about the future of Electric music in the UK?

JN: Yes, I Am. There is so Much Talent Out There. I’m Happy to Call some of These Bands and Artists My Friends. It’s a Very Exciting Time and I Feel that We are All on the Cusp of Something Truly Incredible. Being a Part of Evolve Or Die has Introduced Me to Musicians whose Work I Had Never Encountered Before. It Blows My Mind. This Country has a Lot to be Proud Of.

TBF: Finally,where can we get your single when it’s released?

JN: ‘Signs’ will be Available on Bandcamp and on The Black Flag Site.

That’s right folks you can grab your copy of this amazing track right here at The Black Flag on Valentines Day, so forget the roses and chocolates, forget the candle lit dinner and romantic walk, get your better half something they really want this Valentines, Jet Noir’s Signs.

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