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INTERVIEW: Tony Mayo Talks Evolve or Die!

Eagle-eyed visitors to the site will know the names Jet Noir and Tony Mayo. Both of whom we had the pleasure of interviewing during 2012. Well its a new...

Eagle-eyed visitors to the site will know the names Jet Noir and Tony Mayo. Both of whom we had the pleasure of interviewing during 2012. Well its a new year now and the dynamic duo that is Jet and Tony have announced the launch of their new record label ‘Evolve or Die’. We caught up with Tony to find out a bit more about the pairs latest project….

TBF: Firstly ‘Evolve or Die’. Brilliant name. damn you for thinking of it first. Whats the meaning behind that?

Tony Mayo: The name came about as we felt that the music scene and particularly electronic music is standing still rather than pushing musical boundaries forward. We believe that music needs to develop and evolve, if it does not its relevance can diminish and fade .Hence, the name Evolve Or Die.

TBF: What is the general philosophy behind the Label?

Tony: To create a collaborative community of artists who have joint ownership and voice in the company. This is to encourage collaborative working, to bring different arts together to work on projects and to try to provide all involved a louder and more noticeable voice in an increasingly artistically bland and corporate world plus to inspire new ideas etc.


TBF: The brilliant Jet Noir is the first artist you’ve signed to Evolve or Die and your band Naked Lunch is collaborating with her on a lot of material. How did this partnership come about and where’s it going?

Tony: Jet and I have known each other for a few years as we socialise in some of the same circles and ran into each other many times. We both have a background in electronic music and although our’ styles are different,they still compliment each other. We felt that if we joined forces we could come up with something special. We also have the same attitude to the music industry in general and feel that things need shaking up a bit.


TBF: When can we expect to hear the fruits of this endeavour?

Tony: Sometime in late spring/early summer. We are in the process of writing demos and lyrics and are quite excited with the ideas that are coming up.

TBF: Jet’s doing brilliantly at the moment, getting to number 2 in the Reverb Nation Chart for Oxford and number 6 with her track ‘Under the Moon’ in the MWR (Music World Radio) Chart. What do you think is the reason behind her popularity?

Tony: Her’ music is danceable but is not bland, boring, commercial dance pap. Her’ tracks have an edge and energy with lyrics which challenge people’s ideas and perceptions. Something that is lacking with so much music. Plus, of course, she is a very talented musician/vocalist and looks good too.


TBF: What’s been Jets input on Evolve or Die as a whole?

Tony: Jet has been consulted on the artwork and decision making and has been very helpful on the promotion side of things and will be involved in Evolve or Die decisions and direction. Also, she is the first artist to be signed to the label side of thing.

TBF: At the end of November we spoke in depth about your band Naked Lunch. What’s happened since then? Any new developments in the Naked Lunch camp?

Tony: We are currently finishing the album and are planning further gigs throughout 2013 including an event at the Roundhouse which we are also helping to organise. We are also working on new material plus as already mentioned the collaboration with Jet Noir.

NL gig

TBF: You got voted ‘best return band’ and gig of the year by How does that feel? And tell us a bit more about that

Tony: We are really surprised and it is very humbling as we reformed not to make money but to try to help regenerate the electronic music scene. Hence; Evolve Or Die. The fact that we were voted best return band and part of the best gig is truly amazing. We would like to thank Rob for that.


TBF: Tell us a bit more about the Roundhouse gig (4th May).

Tony: This is an Event featuring Attrition, Naked Lunch, Cult With No Name, John Costello and Mild Peril, plus some very special guests yet to be confirmed. And some merchandising stalls (including the Black Flag). This is part of Naked Lunch trying to help regenerate the electronic music scene and the doors open at 6pm and it ends at midnight. It will be an Electro/Punk/Goth style event and not synth pop.

TBF: So other than you and Jet, who else is involved with Evolve or Die?

Tony: Neil Gahan, who is an electronic musician and is behind Jet Noir’s Video for ‘The Scarlet Woman’. Neil will also be releasing his’ material on Evolve Or Die and is currently working on his’ album and collaborating with other artists.

TBF: When is your first release through Evolve or Die and what is it?


Tony: The First Official Release will be Jet’s Single ‘Signs’. Which will be Out at the End of January

TBF: Where do you see the label in five years?

Tony: World Domination in a Very Leathery Fetish Fuelled Way !!!


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