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INTERVIEW: Piotr Balkus Meets Avenge Vulture Attack’s Ella Grace

“After six months of road-testing new material and knuckling down in the studio, Avenge Vulture Attack are back with their third EP ‘Renew’. Named for the new, harder-edged direction...

“After six months of road-testing new material and knuckling down in the studio, Avenge Vulture Attack are back with their third EP ‘Renew’. Named for the new, harder-edged direction of the band, ‘Renew’ retains AVA’s signature lighting-fast changes and powerful vocals but pushes the volume and energy yet another step up. Produced by ‘I Blame Coco’ guitarist Jonas Jalhay this new offering is the best yet from the UK’s most unpredictable band.”
Members: Ella Grace, Drew Wynen, Joss Nightingale, Ben Davies
Location: London
Interview with Ella Grace, vocalist London based band Avenge Vulture Attack
Piotr Balkus: You describe yourself as the UK’s most unpredictable band…
Ella Grace: I’m not sure which one of us said that! We’re definitely proactive and like to put lots out (musically) and keep things changing up. If it was up to me we’d write a new set for every show. Thankfully we are four and we don’t.

PB: Tell me about it how you became a fourpiece?
EG: I met Joss, Joss knew the others, we came together, our band was born. I guess the band came about cause there were four people looking for something new and then that something new arrived and slowly took us over. Our music is what comes naturally from us when we write together. It definitely depends on our surroundings – a night at my boat and we morph into a sun-set folk band… and then we get back into the paint chipped, damp rehearsal studios…

PB: …Where you realised your third EP, “Renew”, which sounds a bit more poppy than previous…
EG: We recorded “Renew” last Christmas. If the EP sound more poppy then it came from an overload of sugar and excitement over the imminent arrival of Santa Claus.

PB: Your band name Avenge Vulture Attack reminds me of the Hitchcock horror movie called “Birds”, when birds in unpredictable ways took control over the people…
EG: I did watch five minutes of that film which I do believe originated my fear of pigeons. If I was to compare thee to a summer’s night – the vulture imagery to our music then it would be the imagined feeling of aviation of birds – the flight and departure from land that we want to encapsulate into our sound. We capture the attack and force of a bird of prey and translate this into the energy of our songs to create music that makes us feel good. We really didn’t think very much about our band name – but it retrospect, it fits rather well.

PB: So let’s talk about music. You generally play punk/rock music. What’s the difference between rock and punk these days?
EG: For me punk is a bit rougher around the edges whilst rock can be pretty and a bit more organised. I define genres for a living, can you tell?!

PB: Some people say punk is already dead…
EG: What an unusual thing to say. They should tell everyone in Camden its time to shave off their mow-hawks. Maybe we alter how to define things but there is always going to be people wanting to scream their faces off – even if its to tell the world how blissfully happy they are, screaming feels too good to give up.

PB: Well, I’m talking with a dangerous girl… One reviewer said about you “this is one lady not to be messed with”…
EG: I wouldn’t say dangerous – just move out of the way.

PB: OK (laughter). How bright is Avenge Vulture Attack’s future?
EG: We’re really excited about what’s coming up next with lots of gigging and an acoustic release and video of “Seven Dirty Bad Things” coming out in November. At the moment we have lots of new material and our current debate is whether to record a full length album or another EP. We shall see! We are going out on tour in December round the UK.

PB: What about Europe, or maybe US?
EG: Sounds blissful…

PB: Do you enjoy playing gigs?
EG: Gigging is what makes all the non-sleep, car cramp with an amp up your ass worthwhile. We get to meet so many amazing people and when they connect with what you do – job done. That feeling is priceless.

PB: I wish you more of those priceless feelings.
EG: Thank you.

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December gigs:
5th – London (Ginglik)
6th – High Wycombe (WAMA)
7th – Southampton (Guava/Hamptons)
8th – Birmingham (The Flapper)
9th-11th – Scotland TBC

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