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COSPLAY LIFE: Miss May-hem Cosplay Interview

Katie or Miss May-hem Cosplay to her Facebook followers is one of the fast rising stars in the current world of Facebook Cosplay pages, going from 32 to over 400 likes...

Katie or Miss May-hem Cosplay to her Facebook followers is one of the fast rising stars in the current world of Facebook Cosplay pages, going from 32 to over 400 likes in the space of the week. I took the chance to catch up with her and grab this little Q&A before anyone else could.

Hi Katie thanks for catching up with us here at The Black Flag…. Let’s jump right into things and get to why you’re here.

What inspired you to start cosplaying?

When I was younger probably about 14 I didn’t know cosplay and comic con existed in the U.K and dreamed about going to America, I saw Batman with the Joker and created little costumes by myself, quickly took the photo then wiped all the makeup off before my parents walked in and thought I was weird. I guess just staring at fancy dress sites like escapade sparked my desire to cos play, then came the video games and well Arkahm city was that moment I found a character I was born to bring into reality (Harley Quinn).

What would you say is the most complex costume you have ever made or been involved in?

Fallout 3 vault 101 suit, that goddamn pip boy tracking that thing down

The jumpsuit itself was really easy, but I gotta say the pipboy was a long, long process I think my next complicated costume is gonna be making my mallet




Do you have a costume you think you will be most known for?

Probably my Harley costume as its my page profile picture, but I think this November my bum will be the most known thing what with a thong and fishnet tights.

You think so? Who else would you like to Cosplay as?




So you’re jumping from the villains to the superheroes, any particular reason?

My boyfriend, is a massive Green Arrow fan boy, has been since ‘Smallville’. He’s going as Green Arrow this year and I decided to get interested in his side of DC too. I’m still a Harley at heart but its fun to break away and do a “couples cosplay” although he’s promised to do the joker for me. Maybe.

What would you say in all honesty was the greatest moment in your cos play or con going life so far?

Starting my page, I know it’s like for self-promotion but I never in a million years thought id get the likes I have, I mean its not as great as the top end cosplayers but its still ‘yay’. Another thing I’m proud of is when I did my fallout cosplay, no body recognized me (5 photos taken in total) but 2 kids who were about 8-10 saw me and recognized me honestly it made me smile that those kids knew fallout 3 and the whole franchise.

You mention your page having so many followers in such little time, what do you think it was that caused such a boom in so little time?

‘Majestic Cosplay’ and ‘That Mister J’ sharing me and sticking with me, honestly couldn’t have done it otherwise.

Can you ever see yourself giving up the cosplay scene?

Honestly id love to still be Harley when I’m 85 but somehow I think I’m gonna run out of time money or energy first for comic cons

But still I can see my self and my friend in an old people’s home together dressed as Harley and Riddler giggling to ourselves

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully finishing my years of at Uni but of course still cosplaying like I said I hope to do it till I’m 85

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?

COSPLAY ALL THE THINGS (meme reference)

But seriously if you wanna do a cosplay do it, it doesn’t matter what its from, what you’re like, race, hair color, weight, height, money DO IT with what you’ve got and love every moment, you shouldn’t care if no one recognizes you. Do it!

Thanks Katie we wish you all the luck in all your cosplays, we hope to catch up again soon to see how the cosplay world is treating you.

For more of Katie’s cosplay work visit:

Or search: Miss May-Hem Cosplay

Photos by: Katie May

Words: Marcus Fox