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Marcus caught up with Jet Noir to get this exclusive interview. Black Flag:  Firstly and I think the most important question is how did you get into music? Jet Noir: My...

Marcus caught up with Jet Noir to get this exclusive interview.

Black Flag:  Firstly and I think the most important question is how did you get into music?

Jet Noir: My Father is a Jazz Musician and When I Was very very Small He had a Tiny Classical Guitar Made and I Vaguely Remember this Guitar Being Placed in My Hands. He Used to Play for Me and I Used to Watch and Imitate Him. When I Was 5 Years Old He Started to Give Me Lessons. Being Taught How to Play the Guitar Eventually Led to My Teaching Myself how to Play the Bass Guitar and Violin. I Can Also Play the Piano.

BF: You’ve just released a new album called ‘Emotional Chess’ whats the story behind the album?

JN: Last November I Had Guillain-Barre syndrome and was Very Sick. This Led My Mild M.E to Develop into Severe M.E. Which I’m Still Battling Now. While I Was Bedridden I Withdrew Into Myself and Started to Think about a Lot of Negative Things. My Past Failed Relationships,Various Friends Relationships. I Got Caught Up in a Lot of Mixed Up Feelings and Angst. I Had a Choice. I Could Either Lose Myself to It or Use It. So I Started Writing. When I Was Well Enough to Sit Up in Bed,I Got to Work Recording Demo’s on Cubase. Finally I Was Able to Record Guitars,Synths and Vocals.
And Now after 9 Months or so,Emotional Chess is Here.

BF: Who are your musical influences?

JN: I Don’t Particularly Sound like Any of the Bands I Listen to. The Music I’m Into is Depeche Mode,Queen,NIN,Gary Numan,Fischerspooner,Combichrist and Alec Empire.

BF: Dose having agoraphobia affect your career in any way?

JN: Having Agoraphobia have a Massively Negative Impact on My Career. People Want Me to Gig and It’s Something that I Miss Doing. Performing on a Stage is When I Used to Truly Feel Alive. Also It’s Really the Best Way to Get One’s Music Out There. Radio Play is Good but It’s Not Quite Enough. People Like to be Able to Watch Live Music and Soak in the Atmosphere. I’m Slowly Improving Though and Making Progress so Hopefully by Next Year I Will be Gigging.

BF: Aswell as making music your also a Dj and alt model how do you manage time to do all three things and still have a normal life?


JN: At the Moment,the DJ’ing has Taken a Back Seat and I Only Tend to Do Modelling Now and then. This is Due to being in Recovery from the Aforementioned Health Issues. Before then,I Used to Find It Hard to Get the Balance Right. With the Beauty of Hindsight I Can Now See that This Whole Lifestyle of Working Hard and Playing Hard with the Constant Crash and Burn Ultimately Led to My Body Saying Enough is Enough. When I Get thru this I Will be Sure to Pace Myself. Health is the Most Important Thing of All

BF: You colaberated with Scorbie on a single tell us more about what goes into doing something like that.

JN: Scorbie Did a Remix of a Track of Mine Called ‘Whisper’ which is Also Featured on a Short Movie Called ‘The Package – A Tale of Human Trafficking’. I’m a Massive Fan of Scorbie’s Music so It was a Real Honour. There will be Future Colaberations.

BF: Who would your dream musical colaberation be with?

JN: My Dream Music Colaberation would be With Martin Lee Gore and/or Alec Empire

BF: Do you ever see yourself playing a live show Or a one off special?

JN: I Definitely See Myself Doing a One Off Special Gig in the Future. It will be Very Low Key and Last Minute Because I’ll Need to be in the Zone. Possibly After a Great Deal of Coffee and Painkillers have been Consumed…

BF: Is there anything else you would like to plug?

JN: Anything Else I’d like to Plug. Just My Arse. Only Joking.

BF: Where do you see your career in five years?

JN: In 5 Years Time,I’ll be Married to Zachary Quinto and have My Own Range of Clothing Designs and Perfume. I’ll have Sold Out Totally.
No,Seriously, Hopefully I Will Just Still be Doing What I Love. Making Music.

Thanks to Jet for the interview, to check out Jets new album ‘ Emotional Chess ‘  visit :

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