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INTERVIEW ‘Goths in Awkward Everyday Situations’ Creator Jess Clay

I recently came across a Facebook page that literally made me laugh out loud. Goths in Awkward Everyday Situations was set up by Jess Clay, who initially created the...

I recently came across a Facebook page that literally made me laugh out loud. Goths in Awkward Everyday Situations was set up by Jess Clay, who initially created the page for a laugh. Overnight though the page went viral and Jess soon realised she had a phenomenon on her hands, So what is Goths in Awkward Everyday Situations? Its basically images of Goths performing the ordinary mundane things that we as human beings do every day, from shopping at the supermarket to doing their laundry, all of which is caught on cam. Goths in Awkward Everyday Situations is  bloody hilarious and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you don’t know what your missing. We caught up with Jess to talk about the Facebook page, the recently launched site and how she’s helping the S.O.P.H.I.E appeal….

Goth trolly

The Black Flag: Goths in Awkward Everyday Situations. Brilliant idea. What was your inspiration for creating the Facebook page?
Jess Clay: Thank you!
“Goths in Awkward Everyday Situation” as a concept is an idea i’ve had for a while, brought on by a mix of personal experiences, my own twisted sense of humor and hearing stories from my friends and on Drag Radio, lots of things really  But the creation of the actual Facebook page just happened spontaneously one night when i was a little bored!!

graduation goth 6

TBF: Are you a goth yourself?
Jess: Yes and no, “Goth” as I’ve discovered from the fans of the page, is defined differently by everyone. I’ve been called a goth on many occasions, I listen to “alternative” music, and most of my clothes are black, but i’m not sure if I had to choose a “label” it would necessarily be “Goth”. I have considered myself “goth” on many occasions too though, so yeah, yes and no! I’m just “Jess” at the end of the day, nothing more and nothing less

TBF: The page went viral literally overnight. Did you expect this?
Jess: No not at all! It still shocks me every time i go on the page at how popular it is! I literally set it up before i went to bed, shared it with all of my friends and then all of a sudden the “Like’s” started to go up and up, there was 10 people per second Liking it at one point, it was mental! The next day i was taking my dog for a walk and i got a txt from a friend saying it had just gone past 10,000! couldn’t believe it!

TBF: Why do you think it’s been so successful?
Jess: A few people have asked me “how I did it”, and the honest answer is: I genuinely don’t know! I think maybe the title of the page makes people curious, and it’s those very people, who in my opinion, the page is now targeted at. I think people are expecting to see a freak show when they visit the page, and when they read the description and see the pictures, it’s makes some of them aware of how their preconception of “Goth” is actually far from the truth. And on the other side of the fence, I think the Goths are relieved that there is somewhere to prove people wrong! The page fans seem to be a pretty even mix of goths and non-goths. It’s a beautiful thing

goth with baby

TBF: Whats been your favourite pick so far?
Jess: haha! There have been so many gems!! “Goth with Baby” has got to be hard to beat! And i loved it even more after the chap in the picture got in touch and said the baby is now 15 years old!
And i had Goths sending in photos of themselves at their local shops buying Noodles!! So funny! Mainly because my page was actually encouraging people to go out and be daft, which amuses me massively!
There was also an amazing photo of a drop dead gorgeous Goth (Knee high boots, long black hair, corset) being stared at by a little boy, and all the guys on the page were saying how hot this goth was and what they’d like to do to “her”, only to find out (much to my amusement) that the goth was actually a chap! ha!

TBF: How would people go about submitting images?
Jess: You can either attach them in a “message” to the page or you can just post them straight on our wall in the “Comment” box

TBF: Your also selling T-Shirts as well that are also supporting S.O.P.H.I.E. tell us about that?
Jess: I remember being totally disgusted and horrified by the Sophie Lancaster story when it was announced on the news. I’ve been approached by groups of “chavs” and interrogated and i think all of us have been to some extent. It’s not a pleasant situation to be in. And for a young woman to be beaten to death – murdered – purely because some thugs didn’t like the clothes she was wearing, it makes me sick.
When i realised the page was going to big, i decided i wanted to use it to help. So i emailed S.O.P.H.I.E. with the T-shirt idea, they liked the design and once I hit 20,000 I contacted the T-shirt printer and got the ball rolling! £2 from each shirt goes to S.O.P.H.I.E. – they have been on sale for a week and the t-shirts have made nearly £40 for them already!




TBF: You’ve launched a website for ‘Goths in Awkward Everyday Situations’ as well…
Jess: Yes,  At the moment it’s just an online shop for the T-shirts, but i’m sure it will be used for more later on.

TBF: What’s next in store the page/site?
Jess: Much of the same really! I’m looking forward to receiving photos of goths wearing my Awkward… T-shirts!! I think we can all have a lot of fun with the shirts, competitions, challenges, an Awkward Goth Flash Mob! haha! Possibilities are endless!! There are lots of other fund raising ideas bouncing around my head, a few people have asked about Awkward Goth meet-up’s at festivals, events and in their local communities – makes me very proud of the page.

TBF: Anything else you want to plug?

Jess: Kates clothing!!! they’re going to be selling the T-shirts in a week or two –

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