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INTERVIEW: The Black Flag Meets the Scream Queen with Geek Chic… Naomi VonKreeps

Naomi VonKreep’s really is every geeky guys dream girlfriend, the Alternative Model from Ottawa, Ontario who works a day job as a  Database Administrator, literally has a body to die for,...

Naomi VonKreep’s really is every geeky guys dream girlfriend, the Alternative Model from Ottawa, Ontario who works a day job as a  Database Administrator, literally has a body to die for, some truly amazing tats (I said tats) and best of all… she is a self confessed geek herself. That’s right while other girls were more obsessed with beauty salons, shopping and getting their nails done, Naomi was busy getting her fix of comic books, Sci-Fi movies and technology. Now she’s all grown up and doing some amazing Star Wars and Cosplay inspired photoshoots that are truly awesome. We caught up with Naomi to find out what makes her tick.

The Black Flag: Wow Naomi you seem like every geeky guys dream. A gorgeous Pin-Up star with a love of Comics, Sci-Fi and horror. Where did this geek streak originate? And how does it fit in with your work as an Alt-model?

Naomi VonKreeps: Aww thanks! 🙂 I’ve always been a geeky, nerdy pants I suppose. I grew up watching re-runs of Star Trek, Dr.Who, and reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy which lead to me becoming an adult with a love for sci-fi and technology and ended up making a career in IT doing database admin for a government agency here in Canada.

TBF: Do you think it’s more socially acceptable for girls to be geeky these days?

Naomi: Oh yeah, for sure. The whole geek culture has exploded recently. I remember when geek would describe people living in their parents basement, playing videos games constantly, covered in cheetos dust. Haha. Now, it is cool to be a geek, and that translates to geeky women as well. I do, however believe many people still think a good looking girl, or even guy can’t be a geek. I’m not sure how good looks somehow negates a person’s geeky factor, but I’ve had to deal with this a few times.

TBF: What do you think has changed? Has something happened to make geek chic?

Naomi: I think many things have brought on this change, and has been evolving toward geek becoming chic for a good 10 years now. Things like our dependence on smart phones, the fact that the internet is readily available to most now, and how we communicate via email/text as opposed to phones pushed it along. Also the explosive popularity of social networking had a major hand in this. The ability to share with people from all over the world, things that they may not know about or ever be exposed to help push geeky things like comics, or sci-fi into the limelight. Movies being produced from ‘geeky” books like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, as well as superheroes from comic books had people sitting up and thinking, “Hey this stuff is awesome”, leading them to go buy comic books for the first time, or pic up the LOTR trilogy. Also the evolution of the word ‘geek’. It’s doesn’t describe computer/gaming nerds anymore. No, it describes anyone with a passion for something. Food geek, horror geek, car geek, Star Wars geek, etc..etc.. Geek is having a passion about something, no matter what it is. Most people have a passion for at least one thing, therefore, we are all geeks…leading to geek becoming chic.

TBF: What’s your favourite Comic Book at the moment and who’s your favourite character?

Naomi: Oh wow, hard one..I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Avenger vs. X-man, specifically the first one. I love Wolverine. LOVE him. SO def my favorite character at the moment, but man…I have so many. Batman, Spiderman, Rogue, The Black Cat, The Black Canary, Scarlett Witch etc..etc..

TBF: Marvel or DC?

Naomi: Ack. This is always a fucking hard one to answer! I’m going to have to say I generally like Marvel more, but I read both.

TBF: How long have you been an Alternative Model and what got you into the industry?

Naomi: Not too long actually, Maybe 1.5 years, give or take. I just fell into it. People kept telling me I should model, so finally set up a shoot and it just went from there. I never expected to gain such a large and awesome fan base, or get published in mags or have Web site features like this one. It surprises me to no end and am sooo grateful to everyone who has been along for this strange journey.

TBF: Tell us a bit about your tattoos? What have you got and do they all mean something important to you?

Naomi: Not all of them do. My sleeve doesn’t hold any meaning other than I have a tremendous love for skulls. The ones that do are my binary code around my right ankle, was my first tattoo and I got it as a symbol of my nerdiness/career. My Ministry tattoo because they are THE BEST FUCKING BAND IN THE WORLD, and the word ‘Calamity’ because I am a walking disaster. The rest are just designs I liked.

TBF: I’d say your style is kind of ‘Pin-Up meets Screen Queen’. Is that conscious or has it evolved on its own?

Naomi: I suppose it was somewhat conscious since I love pinup and horror, however I’ve moved away from the whole pinup modeling genre. It never really suited me, and as much as I LOVE the look…I like it more on other people rather than on me. Now I just do whatever I feel like and don’t really stick to one genre.

TBF: You do quite a few shoots in Stormtrooper helmets, Boba Fett helmets etc, which I think are fantastic. How did this come about?

Naomi: It started when I got a Boba Fett helmet for Christmas, and it just kind of snow balled. I mean I freaking ADORE Star Wars, so it just seemed natural to keep going with it. It’s fun, the photos turn out awesome, ludicrous and completely absurd. If they make me laugh, then I accomplished what I was going for. It’s great being sexy for photos, but I like doing fun things too!

TBF: Have you done any Conventions?

Naomi: I have never done any conventions no. I’ve simply attended them as a spectator and fan. It would be amazing to one day have enough fans to merit getting a booth at say the Ottawa Comiccon, but to be honest, I’d rather stick to attending conventions as a fan. I love being on the floor and seeing all the cosplayers, going to all the booths, and lining up for signatures and photos. I have no idea if the experience would be the same if I was to attend as a guest. I imagine it would be similar, but not as fun.

TBF: If you could do a photoshoot as any character, who would you be?

Naomi: Slave Leia…or a female Boba Fett in armor and everything..And Vampirella. I’d love to do her…Powergirl too.. agh…too many to choose from!!
TBF: Anything coming up that you want to plug?

Naomi: I have some shoots planned. The Black Canary, TIE Pilot, Ellie Driver. I’m also going to be in the Delicious Dolls fetish issue coming up, the Halloween issue of Poetic Pinup and a couple more mags.

TBF: Where do you see yourself in five year’s time?

Naomi: Hopefully still doing what I’m doing now!  I don’t have any wild aspirations in terms of modeling. I only do it for fun, and to feed my inner attention whore. hahaha!

For more on Naomi check out her Facebook page and twitter  @naomi_vonkreeps. Plus watch this space and we’ll be featuring Naomi  again very soon…

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