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INTERVIEW: The Black Flag Meets A Poetic Yesterday

A Poetic Yesterday are a rising 4 piece band, hailing from the North of England. With reviews in Kerrang magazine and a relentless commitment to gigging having seen them...

A Poetic Yesterday are a rising 4 piece band, hailing from the North of England. With reviews in Kerrang magazine and a relentless commitment to gigging having seen them headline at the o2 arena, APY are generating a buzz that threatens to break through to the mainstream on the back of their next album release, Revolutions later this year. has its fingers on the pulse of many things (some living, some not) and when we heard that A Poetic Yesterday were interested in an interview with us, we leapt at the chance to put some questions to a band that are on the up and up………even if it take a while to get there! (sorry guys! )

Black Flag: Introduce the band in 5 words.
A Poetic Yesterday: Fab, Black, sensual, dirty, Bollywood!

BF: Describe the band’s music in 3 words.
APY: Grungy punk rock.

BF: If the 4 band members were animals, what animals would they be and why?
APY: Well we went to Amsterdam and our friend partook in some naughty fungi and he gave us all names, so we will share what animals we are: Gavin was a Dolphin, Rich was a Lion, Dave was a Bunny rabbit and Ryan was a bear.

BF: Which bands serve as inspiration for APY?
APY: Nirvana, Brand New, Four Year Strong. We all have a varied taste in music!

BF: What has been the highlight of 2011 for APY?
APY: The whole year of filming, recording, touring and music videos has been amazing! You can check out our videos online on our Youtube channel at for more updates.

BF: What was the ‘lowlight’ of 2011 for APY?
APY: Having to delay the album release to 2012

BF: It seems APY are ‘bigger’ in the North than the South, is this fair? And if so, why is this?
We feel that’s there is more of a music scene up North so it’s easier for us to get shows

BF: With the release of the new album in the New Year, what are the goals for 2012?
APY: Tour, tour, tour, music videos, tour, partying, travelling and writing more music!

BF: If you could create a ‘fantasy festival line up’ (obviously with APY as headliners!), who else would be on the bill?
APY: What a great question! In no particular order

Blink 182
Brand New
Limp Bizkit
We could go on forever infect if every band we would like to be on our festival line up it would last a year.

BF: If you could rid the world of 3 people, who would they be and why?
APY: Simon cowell for making the musical equivalent of fast food, the Rockefellas banking cartel (well, most of the banking families) and ANTHONY (words can’t describe!)

BF: Musically, where or how, do you see APY progressing?
APY: For all the obvious reasons we would be very happy to make music our living.

BF: If APY weren’t in a band, what would the members be doing?

Gavin – Judge on X-Factor

Rich – A pole dancing town mayor

Dave – A woman in a man’s body

Ryan – Pro wrestler

BF: Which one of the band is the most prone to throwing a rock n roll strop?
APY: Gavin is like Mariah Carey on a bad day!

BF: If the reader could only see one gig in 2012, tell us why it should be an APY gig?
APY: We put everything into our show and we make sure we get everyone to party with us back stage for shots and good times!

APY would like to thank The Black Flag for such an amazing interview, we get asked so many questions and these are some of the very best and most fun to answer!

Words: Brian McKay

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