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INTERVIEW: Alternative Model Scarlet Page Talks to The Black Flag

Modelling has always been a big industry albeit fiercely competitive. Alternative Modelling is no different, The Black Flag caught up with Scarlet Page who, despite being a newcomer to...

Modelling has always been a big industry albeit fiercely competitive. Alternative Modelling is no different, The Black Flag caught up with Scarlet Page who, despite being a newcomer to the industry, is one of Britain’s most sought after models on the alternative scene.

BF: You seem too be fairly new into modelling, can you tell us a bit about what you were doing before and what brought you into the modelling world?

SP: I started modelling a year ago last August, and before that I was a full time mum. I’m in a Volkswagen club called Derby VAGs and they asked if I would do some pics with a few of the cars and stuff on a photo-shoot that they had arranged. To cut a long story short the photos seemed to get shared around Facebook and the car world, and then photographers started getting in touch.

BF: Could you tell us a  bit about your tattoos. What was your first one, what is your favourite one, are there any with any particular sentimental value, what are you planning to have done next?

SP: My first tattoo was the outline of a manga nurse on my thigh at 19. I then went on to have three more on my thighs which all actually stayed as outlines until last year when I finally had them coloured in haha! I just became addicted straight away. I have a few sentimental ones, there’s a male and female skull and crossbones with ’till death do us part’ in a scroll around it, we both had them when we got married 8 years ago. I also have my 2 boys names on my wrists, and a couple for friends i have lost. My favourite one, although probably aren’t very exciting, are the roses on my neck. I love them. In the next few months I plan to have my throat, stomach, sides and more on my legs. 


Photo by Attitude Photography


BF: Tell us about yourself what you enjoy about modelling, if there’s anything you don’t enjoy about it. Are you happy to stay with the suicide girl style of modelling or do you want to branch out into a different areas?

SP: I’m not actually a Suicide Girl; I was accepted, but it made my freedom to do other things a little more difficult, and I can’t dedicate enough time to it. I like all types of modelling, I was quite restricted as to what I felt comfortable doing until I had a boob job in October. It’s given me a huge confidence boost, so I’m really pushing myself this year. I love everything from pin up to glamour.

BF: What inspires you, and who do you look up to?

SP:  Influence wise I love Bettie Page, Sabina Kelley, Dita Von Teese. All of those girls are stunning, glamorous, confident etc etc.

BF: Is Scarlet Page a character that you put on when you’re modelling? Or is she always there at home as well as in the studio?

SP: Yes Scarlet Page is my modelling/work name. At home I’m just Aimee haha. Its nice having an alter ego!

BF: What would be your dream modelling job?

SP: My dream modelling job would be something like front page of Bizarre or a Tattoo magazine.

BF:  Are your family supportive of you?

SP:  Yes I have an amazing supportive circle of family and friends. They’re brilliant as they always vote for me in competitions!!

BF: You’ve obviously got a gorgeous figure. Do you have to work hard to maintain it, if so how?

SP: No, not really, but my mission this year is to tone up. I don’t mind if I put some weight on but I do want to get toned. I eat quite healthily although I do love chocolate far too much haha! I don’t smoke, drink or drink tea or coffee, and I drink a lot of water.

BF: Finally what advice would you give to someone trying to break into alternative modelling?

SP: Well I’m only just breaking into it this year properly, but take all the advice you can get especially from photographers when it comes to things like poses. Something you think may look stupid actually ends up looking amazing. Stay true to yourself, and don’t let anyone push your limit, especially when it comes down to what you are comfortable doing, and most of all just enjoy.

You can keep up to date with what Scarlet’s up to by becoming a fan on her Facebook page.

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