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Ink is the new pink! We think.

We have come to that age where new generations are taking over and where tattoos are no longer only for ‘’drug users’’ and ‘’criminals’’. The rebellious kids that were...

We have come to that age where new generations are taking over and where tattoos are no longer only for ‘’drug users’’ and ‘’criminals’’. The rebellious kids that were once labeled and out-casted for having some ink under their skin, now are our parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents. It is completely normal now to see bartenders in five star restaurants flashing their full sleeve art. To older generations tattoos will always be something pointless and something that ruins your body, but to everyone who loves to put a little color in their life, strangers opinions don’t matter, or anyone’s for that matter. I am not only speaking about tattoos but also about the whole culture of body modifications. I remember when you couldn’t have a centimiter-sized tattoo to be a model or to get a job. Today, people with body modifications actually attract costumers. Yes I said it, they are attractive! When you see a hot beautiful girl strutting her ink down the beach, heads will roll! I mean…turn. High fashion industry has to change constantly in order to beat their competitors and since 2012 we are seeing more and more body-mods on the runway and in editorials. And I am not talking about little heartshaped ‘stamps’’, no, no! Im talking BIG-BAD-INK!


Most famous, need I say his name? Zombie Boy aka Rico Genest




Talk about a life changing experience. Before he had any tattoos, Genest was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. He was on the waiting list for 6 months, where he contemplated his life and possible death, before undergoing the surgery with minimal complications. His tattoos have a meaning, get it? In 2010, a Facebook fan page was created about his unusual choice of tattoos. This page reached 1,526,292 members and ultimately led to his discovery by Lady Gaga‘s fashion director Nicola Formichetti. What is even more interesting is the fact that Rico is not a ripped tall model that you see on catwalks, oh no no no, Rico is normal built like any other random guy sitting at home playing video games. The tattoos on his body make him far more vicious and manly then the other guy on the catwalk. This is the age of information and art and this generation, guys like him are the alpha males.


However the normal, random, generic catwalk models have also decided to be brave and probe their skins a little deeper. I mean no one can stop them now, and frankly it is all too easy to cover up, especially now when you have famous tattoo artists labeling their names on ‘’camouflage’’ make up products for big names like sephora.



Moving on to the second one. Is there one woman in this world that does not like a little bit of Grease-John Travolta in a man? The cute, the fashionable, romantic, but bad. Boys from the 50’s would steal anyone’s heart. That’s where we come to jimmy Q aka James Edward Quaintance III. Even his name sounds cool.



Ladies, hold your chairs and guys break out those notebooks, because this guy has something to teach you. He was born in Venice, LA the heart of skateboarding. Yes you guessed it; he is a tattoo artist, skateboarder and a rock star. He’s not just good at what he does, he’s incredible! Online you’ll see numerous videos of his skate stunts in Venice. He defines gravity and I’m not exaggerating. Ok enough about his talent.



When he walks down the street there is not one person that does not notice this bad boy. His alternative classic 50’s look mixed with the classic 30’s gentleman style definitely makes him special. He is also a model. Jimmy Q was featured in superdry’s campaign. He’s also been on the pages of Huge, Wylder and Nylon.



All right boys, I’m sorry to bother you too much with men, so lets switch to the nicer gender shall we? Okay. The models I am posting now are just making their names in the fashion industry. They are not the most famous models, but are coming up on the scene like Junkies on heroin.


Lets start with this beauty. Cara Delevinge.



Now, she is a very, very popular model. She walks almost every catwalk possible, and she is a Londoner. Cara does not have ‘’BIG BAD TATTOOS’’, but she has one that will rock your socks! I present to you, tat a tat a taaaaaah, the ‘’bacon’’ tattoo.


Yes this petite little beauty has a key to every man’s heart. Also that little lion head on her index finger is just the cutest thing ever, but that’s just me. I like cats.



Now Casey Legler used to be a ‘‘swimmer’’. She is also the first woman to be represented as a ‘’male model’’ by Ford model agency. You can see she has that ‘’butch’’ look. Also covered in tattoos all over the place, I think the one that says ‘‘rot’’ is my favorite.


Casey_Legler-Mario_Testino-Vogue_Brazil-reallifeiselsewhereMichael Bastian - Runway - Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week



Omahyra Mota is definitely a good example of a high fashion heavily tattooed model. It is almost impossible to find someone like this Dominican beauty on the scene. As you can see her arms are almost covered all the way. Her ‘’bad’’ girl look is attracting a lot of big names, and they don’t think twice about hiring think inked angel.





Kelly Palcy is a really heavily tattooed model and not just that, she has shitloads of piercings too! She is a happy owner of a left thigh piece , a back piece and many smaller tattoos on her arms. Not much is known about this girl but as days go by she is getting more and more attention.




Here is a bit of eye candy. Tasha Tilberg. 


Yes I posted boobs! She does have nice ones. Anyways there is more to this girl than just perfectly shaped, gravity resistant, perky breasts that anyone would just like to… oh what was I saying? Ah yes…this Canadian model is not only inked but also a very successful model. But unfortunately for you guys she is a lesbian and she is married. To a woman of course. Tilberg has appeared in advertisements for Alberta Ferretti, Bloomingdale’s, Comma, Fendi, Esprit, Gucci, Mango, Missoni, Moschino, Versace and Versus and she has walked in fashion shows for, among others, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Anna Molinari, Balenciaga, Blumarine, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, Fendi, Versace, Genny, Iceberg, Jil Sander, Les Copains, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Moschino…you get the point.


This concludes my post about models and ink. If you are sitting in front of your computer rolling your fingers around and thinking you could be like them, you can! But it takes more than just some ink to put you on those catwalks. Being a model is a hard job and its not like taking selfies in your living room. But there is hope people. For all of us who were told that we can’t, times have changed. If you have desire, persistence and were genetically enabled to turn heads, one day you might be decorating an article like this. Stay cool and ”THINK INK”!!

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