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Indie Floorfillers

Xfm are known for their Top 100 Indie Floorfillers, which I always get very excited about as music will always be the only thing keeping me sane. The list...

Xfm are known for their Top 100 Indie Floorfillers, which I always get very excited about as music will always be the only thing keeping me sane. The list did give me an idea, and inspired to do my own list expect not just indie floorfillers. So with that a made a list of great indie tracks to sway, dance, walk the dog, jump and do the robot to. Here are my top 9 tracks because everyone always does 10……

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’: Nirvana
The video gladly directs you on how this song should be listened to, from that young gentleman in the beginning tapping his foot, to the group of teenagers raving, jumping, pushing, shoving and if you want to call it dancing at the end. This track oozes indie grunge throughout. I love this song for many reasons, from the drums, guitars and the artists to its representation, the lyrics and the talent immortalised in the song and video but mainly because….. Its Nirvana man.

‘I Bet That You Look Good On the Dance Floor’: Arctic Monkeys
From the beginning to the end this song screams indie from the outset. Whenever I hear this song I immediately think of me my friend copying the way the guys play their guitars in the video. This song is just great, simply and easy to understand, with an immediate picture of a house party or club being place in your minds. Here a guy is truly telling a girl that he bets that she looks good on the dance floor, aka a great chat up line.

‘Bittersweet Symphony’: The Verve
Wow when this came out, I thought it was by Oasis but no was I wrong, the greatness of this track was all done by The Verve. It’s just great and I don’t want to get the violins out of my head. Watching the video one comment about it caught my eye, saying “I love how he just walks right into people!! I think I’ll go do that one day”. But for my own safely I think I’m not going to do that, but just sway to one of the greatest songs of our generation.

‘Cousins’: Vampire Weekend
How I love these guys, they never musically let me down and this song shows why. With energetic beats, colourful lyrics and unique style these boys have a lot more to give us. But for now you can use this song to walk the dog or dance if you want to.

‘Bitch’: The Plastiscines
I like these girls, first introduced to me by Nylon magazine, they are an all-female French rock band who perform mostly in French. These four French sirens are influence by The Libertines, The White Stripes and The Beatles as is every musician. The song is fresh, emphasising that the supposed girl is a bitch every hour, of every minute of every day, as she is a bitch all year round. The lyrics For example present this: “I’m a bitch when I brush my teeth.”

‘My Favourite Game’: The Cardigans
This is a nice daydreaming song. With highs and lows within the song, it will always keep you on your toes.

‘Rock n Roll Queen’: The Subways
Oh my, song is full of energy, I play it all the time and it goes great with every happy occasion. It makes me enthusiastic and a great song to get dressed to especially before a night out. This song is great as I do wanna be his “rock n roll queen”.

‘Ground’s for Divorce’: Elbow
The intro gets you interested but the song hooks you, Elbow are a force to be reckoned with and them performing it live with the BBC Concert Orchestra is just epic. Overall this is a great drinking song whether you’re downing a pint of larger or glass of orange juice.

‘Song 2’: Blur
A song that is truly short and sweet. Performed by a great British band, you can also notice one of the Gorlliaz in it. This song has it all with a great intro, simple rhythm and beat that is easily recognized and is also equipped with lyrics that make you want to sing along.
And to quote one of the lyrics: “Wooo Hoo”

Words: Flavie Belanco