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INTERVIEW: The Black Flag meets ‘Goths up Trees’ Creator Verity

At Black Flag Towers we spend a hell of a lot of time surfing the net looking for interesting stuff to serve up for our visitors like a hot...

At Black Flag Towers we spend a hell of a lot of time surfing the net looking for interesting stuff to serve up for our visitors like a hot roast dinner after a Saturday night on the tiles. We find the weird, the wacky and in the case of ‘Goths up Trees’ the sheer genius.

‘Goths up Trees’ ( does what it says on the tin, it’s basically images of goths up trees, with some hilarious comments from visitors throw  in. The site is run by Verity who is apparently approximately 84 years old, though we think she’s pulling our leg…

TBF: So how long has the site been live?
Verity: Since late December 2011

TBF: So Goths Up Trees… We love it. But why?
Verity: No idea! People like goths, people like trees, and people like mildly snarky yet mostly positive comments. My blog combines all three in one unusual package.

Submitted by darklydauntles

TBF: Would you class yourself as a Goth?
Verity: People yell “GOTH” at me out of moving vehicles so I’m guessing someone thinks I’m a goth. The majority of my friends are goths and I used to co-run a goth nightclub. So, probably a bit goth, yes.

TBF: How receptive has the Goth community been to the site?
Verity: Mostly excellent. I love goths (and ex-goths) because they usually don’t take themselves too seriously. The majority of the photos I post are submitted by the goths themselves. Some people do goth-up in order to submit a photo but many many photos were taken before the blog even started. I take it from that that they must like it!

Submitted by heart-grinder

TBF: Do you think Goth is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago?
Verity: I hope so; otherwise I’m going to have to get a whole new wardrobe. The gothic subculture has many sub-groups that have evolved musically and stylistically in different directions from the scene 25 years ago; however the essential themes remain the same. I think those themes are always going to be relevant.

TBF: You’ve gained quite a cult following. Why do you think this is?
Verity: Because I aspire to be a cult leader some day. This is just one tiny step in the right direction.

Submitted by Ramona A

TBF: Where do you get your images/models from?
Verity: When I first started, I was posting photos of my friends and photos I’d found around the traps. Very soon after that, readers began to submit photos of themselves and their friends. Since then, I only post photos that have been submitted by readers and occasionally ones of my friends. I have quite a large backlog of photos still to post!

TBF: How would somebody go about getting featured on the site?
Verity: They can submit a photo of themselves using the ‘submit’ button on the site or emailing them to me at The more goth the person looks the better. I am often sent photos of non-goth looking types up trees which I appreciate but can’t post.

Submitted by lokithegodofpudding

TBF: Any other projects in the works? Punks down holes, Emo’s in Lakes, that sort of thing?
Verity: If I had time to start a new blog I think I would start one called ‘Drummers Looking Confused’.

To see more of the phenomenon that is ‘Goths up Tree” check out where new photos are submitted daily and you can even get your hands on a Goths up Trees t-Shirt.

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