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GIG REVIEW: The Bermondsey Joyriders ‘Noise and Revolution’ Album Launch With The Phobics Supporting – Madam Jojo’s. Thursday 24th June

What could be better than an evening of Punk rock and Burlesque in the heart of Soho? So it was with great excitement that I attended Punk Super group...

What could be better than an evening of Punk rock and Burlesque in the heart of Soho? So it was with great excitement that I attended Punk Super group the Bermondsey Joyriders launch for their new album Noise and Revolution.

Soho’s Madam Jojo’s was definitely the ideal location for this event as the gig has definitely got to be one of the sleaziest (in the best possible sense) that I’ve attended in a very long time. Both the Joyriders and support band the Phobic’s, seemed to fit the venue like a glove. The two bands each providing us with a hearty portion of good old fashioned, dirty Rock N Roll. A perfect accompaniment to the lovely Luna Rosa’s raunchy dance acts, that filled the intermission between the acts.

First up were the Phobic’., A band that I know well, having played the New Cross/Deptford circuit for a number of years. I was a bit baffled as to why Mistress of Ceremonies Kiria Le Pink didn’t formally introduce the five piece to the substantial audience that had gathered in the venue, but this is just a minor grievance .

The Phobic’s launched into their Ramones and Clash inspired set to the audiences delight. It was clear that they had a fair few fans in the crowd that night. The sound was okay, it could have been better, although it did pick up throughout their set.

After the Phobic’s had warmed the crowd up sufficiently, the stunningly beautiful Luna Rosa performed a very flexible Burlesque act, from what I could see of it anyway, as by this time the whole venue was packed and everyone had moved as far forward as possible to get a better view.

Once Luna had finished her act, Kiria Le Pink appeared to introduce the headline act and the Joyriders took to the stage, to a round of applause. The first thing they did was a mock trashing of their guitars by smashing them on the stage. Although kind of cliqued this did set the tone for the rest of their act.

The album ‘Noise and Revolution’ is something of a blues punk concept album, dealing with changes in the environment around them and the path to fame of the Bermondsey Joyriders. On the album MC5’s John Sinclair was brought in to narrate the story of the band. At the though gig we had Charles Shaar Murray standing in as narrator, swapping Sinclair’s US drawl for a more Cockney take on the story of the Joyriders.

As I’ve already mentioned, the band is something of a super group with both Gary Lammin and Martin Stacey having a long list of punk rock credentials behind them. Make no mistake though, this was not a Punk rock show per se. The Bermondsey Joyriders put on an excellent Rock N Roll show with elements of blues, punk and even psychedelia thrown in at times.

These guys are definitely a live act to check out. They’re perfectly comfortable hogging the limelight and manage to put a hundred and one percent into their act, despite their advancing years and hairlines. They seamlessly reference everything from Chuck Berry to the Who, with comedic laughs interspersed throughout. I highly recommend these legendary booze punks.

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