EXCLUSIVE: The last Jubilee Punk Festival CANCELLED ‘Dark Establishment Figures put brakes on alternative Jubilee Event’. Or the Second Rock N Roll Swindle?

This bank holiday weekend Jamonit Events and Bath racecourse were due to host what could only be described as a one off milestone event. The last Jubilee Punk Festival...

This bank holiday weekend Jamonit Events and Bath racecourse were due to host what could only be described as a one off milestone event. The last Jubilee Punk Festival celebrating her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend, though in the classic tradition of circa ’77, in your face Punk Rock. The event was due to take place over the bank holiday weekend from Saturday (2nd june) till Monday 4th june and was to host such legendary punk acts, such as the Buzzcocks, Eddie & the Hot Rods , 999, the UK Subs and the Damned, to name just a few.

News came in this morning (Thursday 31st June) that the event had been cancelled, less than two dayss before the festival was scheduled to begin. A statement on the website (http://lastjubilee.co.uk) reads:

“The spirit of 1977 has shown it’s ugly side with Bath Council putting a cancellation notice on the Last Jubilee event being held at Bath racecourse 2,3,4 June 2012.

Using spurious health & safety legislation and by delaying their decision until today (31-5-2012) has meant that their ridiculous claims and pathetic demands could not be countered in time for this event to go ahead.”

The Statement goes on to read “The miniscule issues that the venue and the local council had could easily have been dealt with if their notice of cancellation had been delivered in time. They chose to wait until today to do this, giving the organisers no time to put right the minor issues that were raised.

It has become obvious that the venue and the local council did not want this event to go ahead, on what grounds is not clear. One of the ‘concerns’ they had was that this was a ‘Punk’ festival, and the ‘undesirable’ element that this would attract! There is no point even dignifying that with a response, except to say that The Last Jubilee had sold almost as many family tickets as individual adult tickets.”

The cancellation of this event actually comes as no surprise to the Black Flag. Six weeks ago we contacted Jeremy Sellick of event organisers Jamonit Events (http://www.jamonitevents.co.uk/) and requested some backstage passes for a crew to not only film the event itself but also to conduct video interviews with many of the bands performing at the festival.

Mr Sellick instantly jumped on the idea, even going so far as offer two extra tickets that we could give away in a competition to our visitors. We obviously decided to get behind the festival and give it as much support as we could.

A few days later, we were email over a collection of banners and we proceeded to host one of these on the best spot on the site, right at the top of the Black Flags homepage.

The Black Flags videographer and experienced festival organizer Nick Freedom was tempted to place a statement on facebook with his ‘opinion’ of what he thought was going to happen regarding this festival. Nick Freedom says: I felt something was not quite
right with this festival. The organisers promoting history to date was a cancelled Chilli festival at the same site that had been scheduled for the weekend before.

I sensed this over a month ago and felt that any strong personal opinion could be taken the wrong way but I did research their history and found out that the organisers ‘Jamonit events’ other activities were wedding planners and this cancelled ‘Chill Festival’.

Let’s look at the financial implications and this is only my opinion. If you have cancelled a festival due to the ‘lack of interest’ but have engaged the services of various concessions such as food stalls who have all paid for their pitches, sound and light rigs, advertising, tickets and the hire of Bath Racecourse and deposits paid for the bands that have been booked for the ‘Chilli’ event you are going to be carrying forward a weighty debt to the next festival.

When this new festival was arranged you will still have the same ratio of expenses as with the previous cancelled festival so you have to generate money to cover both festivals expenses. I believe and this is only my opinion that this is a ‘cut and run’ situation employed by the promoters. They had to claw back money from the cancelled Chilli festival, how do they do this? Some bright spark in their office probably came up with the idea. I can see the Hooray Henrys sipping champers and saying, I know! It’s the Queens Jubilee! Let’s do a punk festival, the Queen, Punk, Sex Pistols, yah yah, great idea hence The Last Jubilee was born. If it was such a great idea why was it a secondary thought after the Chilli festival? Well its punks, if it goes tits up its only Punks!

Blaming the Council is lame to say the least. *

31 May 2012
Statement from Bath Racecourse:

This weekend’s Last Jubilee music festival has been cancelled
We regret to inform customers that the three-day music festival that was due to take place at Bath Racecourse from 2nd to 4th June has been cancelled.

The racecourse had agreed to provide the venue for the event, entitled The Last Jubilee. The Last Jubilee was an external event, organised and managed by a company in no way affiliated to the racecourse. Unfortunately, the organisers have failed to fulfil their contractual obligations and the racecourse has taken the difficult decision to withdraw the use of the venue due to breach of contract and health and safety concerns.

The event promised to be an exciting addition to the Bath calendar and it is deeply regrettable that we have had to cancel it at such short notice. We apologise wholeheartedly to those people who will be affected by the cancellation of this event.

The racecourse has not been involved with ticket sales but we will urge the organisers to reimburse ticket holders in full. We advise ticket holders to contact the outlet or agent at which they purchased tickets to discuss refunds.

Bath Racecourse will not compromise on the quality of the events it stages or on the safety of its customers.
Whilst this has been a difficult decision, we believe it was the only responsible option.

*B&NES Council has responded by saying it has not been involved with the cancellation of the event and that it has not expressed any concerns about its nature.

A spokesman added: “The council has spent a significant amount of time with the police and other local stakeholders to help facilitate the event and give it every chance of success.”

The cancellation comes just two-and-a-half weeks after noise issues at a dance music festival at the racecourse, which prompted a number of complaints from local residents.

At the time Jeremy Sellick, from Jamonit Events, said he was confident that the punk festival would not cause any problems for people living near the venue and that he was working with the council and the racecourse to reassure them that excessive noise would not be an issue.

A spokeswoman for the racecourse has said they are not involved with ticket sales and anyone who needs to find out about refunds should contact the outlet or agency they bought from.

The statement said: “Bath Racecourse will not compromise on the quality of the events it stages or on the safety of its customers.
“Whilst this has been a difficult decision, we believe it was the only responsible option.”

Nick says “The promoters are employing the old ‘Who’s fault is it’ game to keep you guessing. A lot of you will side with the promoters and blame the council but ask yourself these questions, where were the terms and conditions that had been asked for on many occasions, on the promoters website. Jeremy Sellick (promoter) had stated that terms and conditions would be published, they were not! I entered into an email exchange with Katie (promoter) and asked her some in depth probing questions regarding important issues that she found difficult to answer and I was referred to Jeremey. ”


> Hi,
> Could you ‘guys’ at Jamonit Events furnish the following important information:-
> How much will the average pint of beer cost within the site? How much
will the average meal of Chilli cost as that seems to be the only food that
will be available, please correct me if I am wrong.
> Why can’t punters take their own alcohol onto the campsite area. I of
course understand that it would not be advisable to allow punters to bring
there own alcohol into the band arena(s). Bars have to make money but it
seems a very restrictive.
> What toilet and shower facilities will be available?
> Will the re-scheduled, scaled down, ‘Chilli’ festival that was cancelled
from the weekend before (minus the bands) be held in the same area and if
not, will there be food stalls in the punk festival area?
> I have noticed that you are advertising family and kid’s weekend tickets.
Will the punk bands be restricted from swearing as there is a possibility
of children being there?

> Thanks >
> Nick


Hi Nick

Thank you for your enquiry. Answers to your questions are as follows:

The food and drink will be sensibly priced. There will be a number of food
stalls in the Last Jubilee area including gourmet beef burgers, hot dogs,
curry, hog roast, vegetarian and ice cream. There will also be a general store in the
camping area selling cold drinks, confectionary, ponchos,
umbrellas, sun lotion, camping equipment etc.

Alcohol is not permitted in the camping area because we are complying with police guidelines.

There are plenty of toilets as set out in council guidelines which we have adhered to and these
will be serviced regularly. Unfortunately there will be no showers as the
water pressure at Bath Racecourse is not strong enough to support them.

We will not be imposing any restrictions on swearing as it is a punk
festival and the people attending will be aware of the content of the songs. We credit parents with the ability to make their own decisions on this basis.

Hope this alleviates your concerns.

Kind regards
Jamonit Events

On 05 May 2012 at 14:37 Nick W wrote:

> Katy
> Please be more precise regarding the food and drink prices as this will determine whether or not me and my friends purchase tickets. What do you mean by sensibly priced. What you regard as sensibly priced may well be expensive for other people, why are you avoiding stating the prices? Only trying to find out some basic information, sorry!
> Nick


> From: Katie <katie@jamonitevents.co.uk>
> To: Nick W
> Sent: Saturday, 5 May 2012, 14:06
> Subject: Re: Fw: Festival inquiry

We are not ‘avoiding’ stating the prices and I’m afraid I can’t be more precise as we are not running the food and drink concessions, they are independent traders. All I can say is the average prices will be around £3.50 for a jumbo hot dog, £4 for a burger and the drinks will be not much more than pub prices. We are trying not to be like other festivals that are very expensive and have asked all the traders to be reasonable with their offers.
Hopefully this will clarify the situation and we look forward to seeing you at the most unique festival this year.

On 05 May 2012 at 15:12 Nick W > wrote:

> Thanks Katy,
> I am sure if this information regarding prices and stalls was on your website then it would be useful information for potential purchasers. The power of information! If I purchased tickets when can I hope to receive them? There is 10 of us, do we get a discount? and what is your refund policy and cancellation policy regarding ticket refunds if the festival is cancelled as there is no information on your site regarding this unless I have missed something?
> Thanks
> Nick
Reply from katie at Jamonitevents

The best thing to do is ring Jeremy Sellick on 07814 231718

Here are all the email addresses that were on the site but I doubt if you will get any replies but its worth a try

To: “alan@jamonitevents.co.uk” “mike@jamonitevents.co.uk” , <katie@jamonitevents.co.uk>,” <jim@jamonitevents.co.uk>,”jeremy@jamonitevents.co.uk”

Why weren’t the ‘on-going problems’ and items that needed to be sorted out with the council ironed out weeks before the event was to take place? If of course there were any problems. If these ‘problems’ were still in place, why keep selling tickets, oh yes, of course, money in the bank, let the punters wait, let them take on the burden of getting their money back.

Why was a statement not put on the website stating that a full refund would be available right now instead of the event be re-scheduled. And for when though? This year? Next year? Keep the punter hanging on and keep them confused as to who is to blame for this fuck-up and some will give up trying to get their money back and just write it off. Why has all the contact and other information been removed from the website. In my opinion it smacks of a massive stitch up, for Jamonit Events to grab as much money as they can from the innocent punk punters so as to cover their own financial losses that started with the cancelled Chilli festival. Just look at the statement from Bath racecourse regarding why they had to pull out.

A colleague of mine Steve Kleenex spoke to the Bath racecourse earlier and he asked them for an official statement, he stated that we had doubts about the validity of this festival and the reply was ‘speak to the event’s organiser as we cannot comment further’ and this was accompanied by an ironic laugh.

If, as in the statement on the Last Jubilee website says, the event will be rescheduled and everthing will be okay then I will personally apologise to Jeremy Sellick and his crew but there is as much liklehood of the rescheduled event taking place as me growing a full head of hair and I have been bald since I was sixteen.

How ironic that the anti-establishment punk movement 35 years down the road appears to have been stiched up yet again by the apparent corporate con men, who it seems could not run a piss up in a brewery.

There should be legislation brought in regarding persons or ‘fly-by-night’ event companies putting on festivals without a proven track record. And to use the Queens face in their advertising is surely a treasonable act, but it’s a marvelous smoke screen to hide the real slime that has been slithering along regarding this festival. I am sure if you asked any of the Jamonit events team any reasonable questions regarding punk bands and the 35 year history so far of the punk movement they would splutter into their wine glasses and look away in a guilty manner that would prove that these people have no idea what they are doing. There is an honour within the punk community and it will most certainly survive this unfortunate blip. ‘God save the Punks, I mean it Man’. Well they don’t need saving, they just need to avoid Hooray Henries such as Jamonit Events. Surely you must get your house in order before you invite paying guests. It may take time for more facts to come to light and the real truth may never be fully known.

Getting your money back
If any of you have paid with credit cards not debit cards get in touch with you bank or card operator for a refund. It will be the card issuer’s liability.

If tickets were purchased via debit card and Jamonit have money in their account, speak to your bank and the bank can attempt to retrieve money debited from your account but do it now!!!!!!!

Nick Freedom