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DVD REVIEW: Danko Jones ‘Bring on the Mountain’ DVD Collection

Being a huge Danko Jones fan, I was understandably chuffed when this DVD collection arrived in the post box of Black Flag central. And I’m pleased to say that...

Being a huge Danko Jones fan, I was understandably chuffed when this DVD collection arrived in the post box of Black Flag central. And I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t at all disappointed with this set. This is an excellent collection and one that no true fan of the band should be without. I’ve watched this twice in the last week, loving every minute of it both times and it will, undoubtedly receive a third viewing by the coming weekend.

So what makes this such an excellent DVD collection? Well for starters this two disc DVD set is definitive in every sense of the word. Not only does it feature a 90 minute ’in your face’ documentary about the band, but also ‘the Ballad of Danko Jones’ a short movie that is actually based on the bands last three videos, a collection of live footage and all 19 videos that the band have shot in they’re career.

First up on disc one is the documentary itself. Entitled ‘Bring on the Mountain’ and shot by the Diamond Brothers, this is a real in-depth look at the history of the band. It charts everything from both Danko and John ‘JC’ Calabrese’s respective introduction to music in their childhoods, to the bands humble beginnings and their early days on the road, where they’d literally play gigs simply to earn enough gas money to move onto the next show, right through to their slow but steady rise to rock stardom. It’s a really nice documentary that makes you feel as if you actually get to know the rather reserved, career orientated man behind the music, instead of the larger than life stage persona that Danko projects during his high octane live shows.

The second feature on disc one is ‘The Ballad of Danko Jones’, a short movie based on/around the bands last three videos ‘Full of Regret’, ‘Had enough’ and ‘I Think Bad Thoughts’ and guest stars Elijah Wood, Selma Blair, Ralph Macchio, Lemmy Kilmister and Mike Watt. The plot which involves human cloning and a piece of stolen nanotechnology sounded a bit iffy to me at first. I was kind of expecting wooden acting and really lame fight scenes, but was really pleasantly surprised by the plot, the acting and sheer amount of kick ass action. ‘The Balled of Danko Jones’ is actually pretty damn good and a more than welcome addition to this collection.

The second disc consists of a collection of excellent live footage ranging from the band performing on small stages, to filling out huge festival ones and really highlights just what a great frontman Danko really is.

Finally we’re treated to all nineteen of the bands music videos, from ‘Bounce’, which kick started their career, right through to ‘I Think Bad Thoughts’. Owners of home cinema systems will surely be in their element here. I’d definitely recommend that you crank the volume up to eleven and share the love with your neighbors…

All in all, a truly entertaining and enlightening DVD collection and a definite must have for anyone serious about good music. I’m going to give Danko Jones ‘Bring on the Mountain’ a whopping 10/10. The sheer range and quality of material included will keep you entertained for many years to come!

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