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Cosplay Life – In the mind of That Mister J

Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you into this mad little world we call Cosplay. Now many of you might not have a damned clue what I mean when I...

Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you into this mad little world we call Cosplay.

Now many of you might not have a damned clue what I mean when I say Cosplay so here’s a rough idea. In plain simple terms you could call it an advanced form of fancy dress and in some way you might be right in others you would be dead wrong.

Now the Cosplay community is varied and so open you will never feel left out, You have you ‘elite’ cosplayers also the ‘famous’ cosplayers, to expand on that a little more your general ‘elite’ would be someone who has spent time and money vast amounts of each to get there costume just perfect so it’s screen accurate to whom ever they may be portraying.

In many cases this could be by buying parts online, getting them custom made or even pain painstakingly making them by hand. One case in point I’ve seen someone spend almost £5000 on one costume alone and another £1500 just to make things perfect. This is the sort of Cosplay many aspire to but can’t fully reach.


Now ‘famous’ cosplayers have been a bit of a raw subject in a few circles, some think along the lines on “ Oh she’s only well known because she shows off to much skin.” Or “ All you ever see them do is underwear and nothing more and call it a costume.” Now personally I find the concept of one cos player being better than another just because they show off more skin to be rather unfair especially if the costume doesn’t show off that amount of flesh in the first place. In that case people will go “ Oh well she/he is far better than the other one because they like to show off more skin.” Would you say that was fair? The other person could have spent months working on the costume just be shot down because the person next to them is showing more cleavage or more leg.

As a cos player myself I love seeing the diverse mix of the perfection and home-made on the convention scene, I know many cos players who take both a ‘perfection’ and close as I can approach.’ Myself being the latter, I love being The Joker from The Dark Knight ever since I donned the face paint for a friends birthday.

Now I started off with a shop bought costume and to this day I still use parts of it after upgrading such things as the waistcoat, trousers and tie, I know for a fact I can never get the face paint perfect and I hardly ever do the scars but when I get compliments such as “ You’re the best Joker I’ve seen today!” it makes it all worth the time.

What we aim to hit here is over the coming months I’ll be throwing up posts about fellow cosplayers, the amazing photographers, any news about cons I’ve been to and overall general musings about my life in the world of cosplay.

For now I’ll leave you with this, weather you think you can or you can’t … You can always Cosplay!

This is Mister J for The Black Flag saying so long to mad little things!

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Words: Marcus Fox