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REVIEW: Club Anti-Christ’s 8th birthday bash. 29-30/06/2012

  I’m going to start of this review by being fully honest with you readers. When I was asked by the top man at Black Flag Towers to review...
Image property of Anti-Christ

Image property of Anti-Christ


I’m going to start of this review by being fully honest with you readers. When I was asked by the top man at Black Flag Towers to review Anti-Christ I was more than a little iffy. Mostly down to things I’ve heard people tell me about the place that we won’t go into for many reasons. But let me tell you this, the words in this review all be it honest and true cannot begin to describe what Anti-Christ ( from now on AC ) is all about.

So let’s start with the basics. AC is held in Vauxhall in central London in a place you wouldn’t even dream to be an alternative night club when you walk past of a day. Inside is a whole new universe, from the size of the building outside you would think you could get no more than 500 people in at a push but I kid you not when I say the place is like a freaking TARDIS! So much bigger on the inside The Doctor himself would take his Fez off to it. Ok enough of the Doctor who back to what you came for.

To say the atmosphere was electric would be the understatement of all time, the buzz from every area of the building was so intense you need a moment to take it all in from room to room. The people were just so amazing you would talk to them about everything and do things you wouldn’t normally dream of doing at any other night club.
Some of the events of the night included the ‘ PureFuckingIndustrial ‘ dance floor playing hits from Combichrist to Rammstein and a whole lot more between.
The Hellfire dance floor was more of the same mixed in with classic 80’s remixed with that hardcore alternative beat. Hellfire DJ’s included DJ Jo the Waiter (Also known for his work in the band Global Citizen).
For all the fetish lovers there was a fully stocked dungeon area stocked with whips riding crops and a whole manner of other sinful toys and contraptions for you to have your fun with, and if that wasn’t enough you had your own DJ to play to you as you have your fun.

An area I didn’t explore (For my own reasons) was the couples’s room. Basically a curtained off section of sofas and beds for you to have a little play time with a friend away from everyone else. And from what I was told it was a very popular area indeed.

On now to the Theater Of Sins with it vast mix of entertainment. They had everything from a live band by the name of ‘ Plastic Noos ‘ not my thing but went down a storm with the party goers , the dark and sexy infectious beats getting everyone pumping away on the dance floor. Other acts included a Magician and a female and male strip show that got everyone in the rooms attention.And if that wasn’t enough to get you fix of flesh, there was plenty of it on display the entire night. Picture, women clad in only underwear and tape over their nipples (and sometimes no tape!)

I could go on all day talking about how amazing AC is but there is one maybe two small and I do mean very small downside. AC operate a no re-entry policy so if you forget something like cigarettes you’re paying £9 for a box of 20 that ay normally be £5-£6 and the only other small downside is you can’t totally get away from the music if you want to have a chat with friends without losing your voice half way into the night. As I said no major issues and hardly enough to take anything away from the night.

So pretty much to sum up Anti-Christ’s 8th birthday is this and this can be said about AC in general too, if I was asked again to review another night of AC there’s no chance in hell I would turn it down. The people make you feel so at home and in a way teach you something new about yourself that you may have never even known about. Forget any bad stories you may have been told by people who have “heard what happens there” because mostly it would be bull. No matter how I try to describe this place I can’t do it justice Anti-Christ has to be seen to be believed and if you don’t believe me …….. Go to the next one and find out for yourself. I know I will be.

Long live Anti-Christ!