PRESS PRAISE FOR CLUB ANTICHRIST; “One of our favourite club nights” – Bizarre magazine “Downright deviant and gloriously goth” – The Guardian “Colourful, vibrant and accessible” – Skin Two...

“One of our favourite club nights” – Bizarre magazine
“Downright deviant and gloriously goth” – The Guardian
“Colourful, vibrant and accessible” – Skin Two magazine
“Surely the most sinful way to spend your weekend” – Time Out
“a hedonistic horror bash” – DIVA magazine

Club AntiChrist enjoyed a run of the Devil’s own luck during 2012. Selling out every event it hosted last year, London’s largest alt./fetish night is still seeing its black flock grow, more than eight years on from its unholy conception, and is now set to start 2013 is suitably blasphemous style. February 22nd’s ’Religious Depravity’ bash invites sinners to shake off the January blues, let go of any lingering resolutions and get back to behaving badly, by joining a 1,500 strong unholy congregation in AC’s 10 zone temple of sin!

Leading the way into temptation, UK electronica mavericks Uberbyte headline live performance arena the THEATRE OF SINS stage. Known for their tongue-in-cheek take on the EBM scene, and yet loved by that very scene all the same, for the affection and accuracy with which they deliver their razor-sharp satire and detonate dancefloor-delighting beats, the flamboyant fiveseome are natural figureheads for a night on which nothing is sacred. Ably supporting them, Generation Graveyard put on a show that’s all profanity, vulgarity and unholy racket, born of a forbidden union between black metal and hardcore punk, and Maleficent mesh beauty and brutality in a theatrical set which owes as much to frontwoman Martini’s background in ballet as her co-vocalist Mortimer’s industrial and metal influences.

In addition to an explosive live music line-up, the AC audience will be treated to some encounters of the strange kind on February 22nd. Johnny Strange is a sideshow superstar who puts his body through hell for punters’ pleasure; employing chainsaws, power drills, fire and angle grinders in stunts straight out of Dante’s darkest nightmares, while the resident Satan’s Strip Show boys and girls promised a show every bit as depraved as the Inferno and ten times as hot! Joining them will be a special guest act to be announced – watch this space!

Trad-goth and post punk fans can seek deliverance in THE HELLFIRE ROOM from dusk through ‘til dawn, while – in a fitting subversion of scripture – heaven for industrial junkies is found in the basement, where PUREFUCKINGINDUSTRIAL now boasts its own self-contained bar, lounge and heated ’n’ seated smoking area. What’s more, new room THE HOLE will be presenting a second serving of strictly old-skool industrial sounds after Theatre show finish at 2am, meaning veteran rivetheads really may think they’ve died and gone to a better place!

The sofabed and complimentary condom-equipped COUPLE’S DARKROOM is made for sins of the flesh, whilst in THE DEVIL’S PLAYROOM house mistress Rebekka Raynor and her experienced dungeon monitors are all set to extract confessions on an array of Playpenz equipment, and see punishment given accordingly. Finally, punters wishing to indulge in some gluttony and sloth (or just enjoy a bite to eat and a seat after their lusty exertions in the Darkroom and dungeon…) are amply catered to by THE CHILLOUT ROOM, which lowers the volume and lays on seating, Thai food throughout the night, and free tea and coffee after 3am, served by AC’s saucy maid service!

At a glance, here‘s how February 22nd’s unholy service shapes up;

THEATRE OF SINS (10pm-2am) – Live performance arena, featuring shows from Uberbyte, Generation Graveyard, Johnny Strange, Satan’s Strip Show & more TBA!
PUREFUCKINGINDUSTRIAL (10pm-6am) – Industrial dancefloor, with DJs Hive (Vampire Party, Belgium), Jo The Waiter (Global Citizen) & Steve Nine (Departure)
THE HELLFIRE ROOM (8pm-6am) – Alt/goth/post-punk dance floor, with DJs D.Void (AC), Vade Retro (Reptile), DJX (Tanz Macabre), FrankieD (Black Flag) & Jo The Waiter (Global Citizen)
THE HOLE (2am-6am) – Old-skool industrial dancefloor with DJs D.Void, FrankieD, Hive and Jo the Waiter.
THE DEVIL’S PLAYROOM – PlayPenz-equipped dungeon, hosted by Mistress Rebekka Raynor.
COUPLES’ DARKROOM – with sofa beds, free condoms & tissues
CHILLOUT ROOM – with Thai food stall & free tea and coffee after 3am, served by AC’s famous saucy maid service!

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