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TBF Meets Emma Luck of Canterbury’s Lady Luck Bar

Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in Featured, Interviews, Venues | 0 comments

When I first arrived in Kent from South London a year and a half ago, the first thing I did was check out the local music scene online. One name kept coming up, that seems synonymous with live music, the Lady Luck Bar. So on a cold November evening I decided to get a bus into Canterbury and check out what all the fuss was about. I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The Lady Luck Bar is situated in St Peters Street, in the heart of Canterbury. To say its a cool little venue is an understatement. With its red and black interior and records on the wall, it epitomizes everything that a music venue should be. Bursting with character, the Lady Luck is a jewel in the heart of Kent (Check out the jukebox it’s awesome. Just try not to spend as much money on it as I did).


The venue plays host to regular live gigs as well as DJ night and has an excellent food menu, a beer garden at rear and outside seating at the front, which is ideal for smokers just wanting a quick fag. There’s a good drinks menu that caters for everyone and there’s been a great atmosphere every time I’ve visited. We caught up with Emma, one half of the team behind Lady Luck to learn a bit more about the venue and exactly what it has to offer….


The Black Flag: Let me first start off by saying that this is a great venue. I love the 1950’s Rockabilly theme. Has that been intentional or is it something that has just developed?

Emma Luck: We decided on the name Lady Luck as it is associated with the Rock N Roll/Rockabilly scene, particularly in America where it is used as a gambling term (if you win at the casino you are said to be playing with “Lady Luck”).


TBF: When did you open?

Emma: My partner Gemma and I (Emma) opened The Lady Luck in 2009 (6 years on June 12th) We have been hosting live music since October 2012.


TBF: So who’s involved with the Lady Luck and what are your backgrounds?

Emma: Gemma and I both ran DJ nights and live music events in London before deciding to run our own venue in Canterbury.


TBF: You hold regular live nights. How often are these and what kind of thing could we expect?

Emma: We started off hosting live music once a month out of courtesy to our neighbours and to see how well it would work for us, but because the licensing laws regarding live music were relaxed and the demand for live music increased we now host live music between once and three times a week. Usually Tuesdays, Thursdays and occasional Fridays. We consider live music of all genres but regularly host Punk, Metal, Ska and Psychobilly shows the most.


TBF: What big events have you got coming up?

Emma: We are really looking forward to seeing Emp!re play on 27th February. They played Sonisphere in 2014 and are tipped for big things in 2015, Also the return of Ska bands The Talks (19th March) and The Toasters (6th April). There are so many exciting shows coming up its hard to choose!


TBF: What’s been the biggest band/act to grace your stage?

Emma: Well The Toasters are one of the worlds biggest and most successful Ska Punk bands, they played to a sold out crowd in September last year and are returning for Easter Bank Holiday Monday in 2015. Les Carter from Carter USM played here in September last year with his other band Abdoujaparov. Les is a huge star and we were honoured to have him play. He even wore a Lady Luck T shirt for his sell out Carter USM final ever show at Brixton Academy. That was one of our proudest moments.
TBF: Out of the local talent coming out of Canterbury and playing at Lady Luck, who would you say is your favourite band?

Emma: Out of the local acts from Kent I would say Funke & The Two Tone Baby (One man Mechanical Blues band from Medway, playing again on Feb 19th) and Rockabilly Punks, Thumbscrew & The Flicknife Barbers from Ashford (playing with Calabrese on 6th May) There’s so much talent out there, I just hope people get out there and see it for themselves and support their local Live Music Scene!


TBF: Apart from music what else has Lady Luck got to offer? (The Food menu looks amazing folks)

Emma: Our food trade has really taken off in the last year or so. We now offer many vegan and vegetarian options as well as our already extensive menu containing a large range of burgers, baguettes and pub favourites.
Most of our dishes are homemade and locally sourced too. We get a lot of our meat and cheese from local farmers market The Goods Shed in Canterbury.
We also run other regular entertainment aside from Live music such as rock karaoke, DJ nights and a weekly quiz (Every Sunday from 8pm)


TBF: Anything else you’d like to add?

Emma: I would just like to thank all the customers that come out to support live music and alternative venues such as ours who are trying to do something different.
We couldn’t do it without them. It is more important than ever to support independent businesses and bands, with so many live music venues and pubs closing down locally and countrywide.

The Lady Luck is open Mon-Thurs 12 noon- 1am, Fri & Sat 12 noon- 2am, Sun 12 noon- 11pm (Food served Mon-sat 12-7, Sundays 12-3pm)

Contact Emma at The Lady Luck, 19 St Peters Street, Canterbury, CT1 2BQ – Telephone: 01227 763298


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Resistanz Festival 2014

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It’s nearly here folks and like you guys out there everyone here at Flag HQ are excited about what is promising to be one of the most amazing weekends on the 2014 calendar. So I’m guessing you want to know what is coming up at the worlds premier Industrial music event, well we have the power to please you.

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Alter Bridge At Wembley Supported By Shinedown and Halestorm

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For those of you lucky enough to live in this great country, The United Kingdom of Great Britain then you may have also been lucky enough to get yourselves a ticket to one of the greatest indoor line-ups of 2013 so far. The Mighty Machine Steve was there and so was a sell out crowd, lapping up everything three amazing bands could give us, now other “more popular’ alternative music magazines would lavish the page with endless pictures of the bands performing but unfortunately I was too busy rocking to get my camera out, so if you wanted to see Lzzy Hale in skin tight leather pants then you should have bought a fucking ticket.

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The Black Flag Teams up with Evolve or Die

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Evolve or Die is the latest project from regulars to the Black Flag and our good friends , the lovely Jet Noir and Tony Mayo (see last month’s interview)  . Evolve or Die has been busy over the last few weeks recruiting an army of musicians, video makers, artists and us… Yes us. We’re very pleased to announce the Black Flag will be working very closely with Mr Mayo and co over the next few months (and beyond!).

So what exactly is Evolve or Die? Perhaps its Facebook page explains it best ‘Evolve Or Die is a Record label/multimedia company established to work in partnership with electronic musicians and people from the other arts. The aim is to promote collaborative working, push creative boundaries and to give the artists a louder and stronger voice in a corporate world. Change is inevitable, stagnation unacceptable!’


Naked Lunch “La Femme”

And that’s pretty much the nuts and bolts of it. Evolve or Die is about taking the music industry back from the corporate vultures who have in my opinion created the artist equivalent of fast food. In a world of televised Karaoke and tribute acts that would need to practice for twenty years to entertain the roughest boozer in South End. The name says it all; EVOLVE OR DIE and that’s a warning! Mr Cowell take note…


So what’s first in the plan for world domination?  Well first up the labels f single launch which is Jets ‘Signs’. Which will be available on Valentines day (February 14th) and looks set to kick the project off with a bang, before an amazing gig at the Camden Roundhouse on Saturday 4th May. ‘Reproduction 13’ is being hailed as a a mini-festival of classic electronic music, varying from post-punk darkwave and synth art pop to synthpunk, lounge electro and sequencer instrumental.


Jet Noir ‘The Scarlet Women’

Included on the bill are Headliners ATTRITION, Tony Mayo’s band NAKED LUNCH, CULT WITH NO NAME and many more. Watch this space for the latest Evolve or Die news as well be featuring the label regularly on the Black Flag. Check out the Facebook event for Reproduction 13 and be sure to like Evolve or Die on Facebook

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The 100 Club Fails in its Bid to Become a Listed Building

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The 100 Club has lost its campaign to become a listed building.

The legendary venue which first opened its doors as the Feldman Club on 24th October 1942, has been constantly threatened with closure for the last five years. In 2010 a sponsership deal with Converse saved the venue for the short term but it was hoped that a campaign to have the venue rgistered as a listed building would secure its future.

The club which went through many incarnations over its long lifespan gained notoriety on Monday 20th September 1976 when it hosted the first ever Punk Rock Festival. The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, siouxsie & the Banshees, the Buzzcocks, Subway Sect and the Vibrators took to the stage at the gig that would change the face of popular music across the world. Melody Maker said it best: ‘The 600 strong line that stretched across two blocks was indisputable evidence that a new decade in rock is about to begin.’

The club was the only venue at the time that was willing to host Punk gigs and it soon gained a reputation as the only Punk venue in London continued hosting punk gigs for the next eight years. The 100 Club is still regarded as the spiritual home of the Punk movement.

John Penrose, Minister for tourism and heritage told the Sunday Telegraph why he turned down the request to turn the club into a listed building: “There’s no denying the club’s place in British pop music history but in the end it’s only the stage and the signage that mark it out as being any different from any other basement club. I can’t help but feel that giving the cradle of punk rock listed building status would not be quite in tune with that movement’s driving spirit.”

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MODE @ The Corporation

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MODE @ The Corporation

Sheffield’s Corporation is one of the top 3 live band venue and alternative music nightclubs in the UK and it’s been generally gnawing at the coat tails of the establishment since 1997. Having been voted into the top 3 Rock Clubs in the UK by Kerrang and having won Best Club Night in the UK, for DROP on Friday nights in Metal Hammer.

The club nights are both spectacular and varied, so choose your poison wisely. Live gigs are staged regularly also in rooms of 200, 500 and 1000 capacities blasting though our 22K rig. Last year they staged nearly 140 live shows.

The most long standing club night has been the infamous Saturday night rock fest that is Reservoir Rocks. High volume head-bangin’ hi-jinx the only classic rock/ new rock night of its size in the known universe…….patronised by LAGuns, Enuff Znuff and Faster Pussycat…when they are in town. From AC/DC to Zodiac Mindwarp…from Aerosmith to ZZ Top and all points inbetween………however most people have drunk too much by the time they get to the letter C.

MODE @ The Corporation

Just over a year ago the Corp (as it’s generally known) asked Presley (Gary Numan, DRAG Radio, Eddies Birmingham, Reptile London) if he would come and be Saturday resident dj by doing his well known dj’ing style of combining Industrial/alt/electro/ebm/darkwave and alt ’80’s. They wanted his room to compliment what was happening at Reservoir Rocks. So last October, MODE began at the Corp and it hit the ground running and has continued to be a huge success.

So, Saturday night’s at the Corp is where you wanna be. The music is brilliant! The walls are black! You WILL get lost! (it’s huge and complicated) and you’ll have the best time.

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