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Brighton Tattoo Convention

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Brighton Tattoo Convention this year and see one of the greatest collections of art and artists on the...

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Brighton Tattoo Convention this year and see one of the greatest collections of art and artists on the planet, all together in one place. The atmosphere was buzzing (yes I know I already used that joke but hey…) and there were some fantastic tattoos on display.


Conventions have got to be damn hard to organise, I’ve never had to do it and I probably never will, but the time and effort that goes into that level of planning must be exhausting, with so many facets that could go wrong at any time but event organiser Woody seems to take all that in his stride.

Getting into the event was a piece of cake, the Security Staff were helpful and courteous and the events staff taking tickets and issuing wrist bands were in great spirits, laughing and chatting. It was great to see everyone receiving such a warm welcome.

Walking in through the main doors into the first hall you are greeted with a large seating area and maps that show you where everything is and a few stalls with food and coffee. The first few were clothing stalls, all showcasing some amazing attire that complimented the event well and of course the amazing Sailor Jerry’s bar, God I love Rum! One of my favourite clothing stalls was La Mort Clothing , who’s unique brand of hand-made death-inspired garments was a big hit with lots of passers by.

The main hall downstairs was home to a variety of artists from all over the world, the collection of accents was almost as diverse as the collection of art that was adorning the vast Hilton Convention Centre, and conversations could be over-heard discussing the amazing art in a variety of tongues. There was no politics here, no filthy looks or backward glances, everyone was here to see the very best in Tattoo art, strangers were stopping strangers, asking about their ink with no fear of a backlash, artists were sharing their love with people they’d never met, clients were sharing their pain with everyone.

I spoke to a lady who was watching someone getting tattooed and I asked her what she thought of the convention;

“It’s amazing, there is so much here to see and the people are so friendly. I want to be a tattoo artist and watching these great guys work has inspired me to work harder”

A testament to the great atmosphere, everyone was in high spirits, enjoying the great work that was on display. One of my favourite artists is Alexis of Holy Cow Tattoo in Eastbourne, her work is fantastic and she has such a caring and respectful way with clients, I watched her work on several people and the results were amazing every time.


Upstairs was even more fantastic art work, including a small art Gallery, opposite which was the amazing Caricature artist George Williams who was kind enough to draw a great picture of me, I think he captured my likeness beautifully and was a great laugh to sit with. You can see more of his creations at


All in all the whole event was amazing and was rounded off beautifully by an out-of-this-world after show party that blew the top right off Brighton. I for one can’t wait to get back next year but for now I’m booking myself in to get some extra inking done as soon as I can.


Thanks to the event organiser for putting on such a great show, and thanks to the artists for sharing with us their beautiful art work. More images available at


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