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The Black Flag Sits Down With Artist Nick Hook

Here at The Black Flag we get accused of being un-cultured, beer swilling metal-heads, which I will go on record as saying is utter rubbish… We drink Rum! On...

Here at The Black Flag we get accused of being un-cultured, beer swilling metal-heads, which I will go on record as saying is utter rubbish… We drink Rum! On occasion though we have been known to stop and appreciate the odd piece of art.

It has to be an odd piece as well, not your run of the mill bowl of fruit, it has to make a statement and that statement has to be bold, so when I saw the artwork of Nick Hook was intrigued to find out what kind of disturbed mind could come up with such great images. We weighed anchor and took a long journey through one of the countries most exciting artists minds.


TBF: Hi Nick, Thanks for taking the time out to chat. When did you first get into art?

NH: I’ve been making and painting all of my life, so probably since early childhood. My Dad and brother’s were sport mad and used to hog the TV, so being non sporty I had to find something to do, and Art  was what I got into.


TBF: Who influenced you when you were younger?

NH: I was very much influenced by Sci Fi TV shows like Dr Who and Star Trek, comics like 2000ad , glam rock of the 70’s and Hammer Horror movies with all the sexy Vampire girls!


TBF: How did you develop your style?

NH: My style developed from a combination of things I learnt at Art School and things I chose to ignore at Art School. They put a lot of stuff in my head that gummed me up creatively until I had a good clean out of all the contradictory crap they fed me.


TBF: How would you describe your style?

NH: Low Brow! I used to call myself a Surrealist until I discovered the Low Brow art movement in America and realised that was who I was. Its a kind of art that doesn’t take itself too seriously and doesn’t require a text or some snooty Oxbridge type in a bow tie to explain it!


TBF: What mediums do you use/prefer?

NH: For my paintings acrylic on canvas, for my converted object sculptures I use broken toys and modelling putty.


TBF: What is your preferred subject matter?

NH: Certainly there are a lot of tough women in my work and plenty of freaks and robots, but I’m painting about the inner world where imagination, culture and language collide.


TBF: Is it important for you to evoke emotion in others or lay yours down for them to see?

NH: I certainly want an emotional response from my viewer, but I want them to go on an imaginative journey with me. Too many people stand in front of a painting and expect to be spoon fed! An Artist has spent their life working to perfect their style and all we ask is that the viewer engage with us. Its not like sitting there watching TV!


TBF: Where does the influence come from for your images?

NH: My imagery comes from a great many places; comics, books I’ve read, movies, fetish fares. There’s no one single source.


TBF: Any pieces stick in your mind as favourites?

NH: Id say that my fave painting has to be ‘Nurse Smiler’ because it was my first Cyborg piece.


TBF: Ever done work for anyone famous?

NH: No, but I did show my work to Clive Barker once and he said it was classy stuff.


TBF: How did you get involved with Evolve or Die?

NH: Jet Noir, who I have provided album cover art for recommended EoD to me.


TBF: What does EoD represent to you as an artist?

NH: EoD is an excellent way to allow artists of different types to exchange ideas and support each other both in terms of career development, but also as a forum for chatting etc.


TBF: Where can we find more of your work?

NH: My work can be found on my website



So there you go shippers, the great Nick Hook, keep an eye out for his work in an art gallery near you sometime in the future and see some of his amazing images adorning future Evolve or Die releases. For now take a look at some of Nick Hook’s fantastic artwork below.


Thanks Nick.



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