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The Black Flag Meets Alison From ‘Maid of Ace’

Sometimes luck can happen. There I was minding my own business in a dark and gruesome bar surrounded by leather and beards when in the distance I spied a...

Sometimes luck can happen. There I was minding my own business in a dark and gruesome bar surrounded by leather and beards when in the distance I spied a familiar face licking Tequila off the bar. I thought to myself, that’s Alison from the super-talented UK Punk Band Maid of Ace, so I ventured cautiously over and asked for a chat about the band. This is the madness that ensued…

TBF: So, Can you tell me a bit about the band, who’s who?

AE: ELLO ELLO! well we have Anna the big fat wanker on Leopard Skin guitar n Vocals, Amy the Slapping Slapper on Bass n Backing vocals, Abby crashing the kit and me Alison spitting on the mic and hitting ma guitar… and as I’m the only one here, I’m gonna let rip you bitches!!


TBF: How did you all meet and what brought you together?

AE: We’ve said this before and we’ll say it agin! we met in our dads ball sack and said “if ya make it, we’ll form an all girl punk band!”


TBF: When did you start playing together?

AE: Bout 2004 we started jammin and then had our first gig at our school in 2005 in front of 400 proud parents


TBF: What were the early days like? What kind of stuff did you play?

AE: errrrrm painful looking back on it haha we started playing together as a band before we could realy play our instruments so we were pretty shit for a while, we’d play some simple ass covers, smells like teen spirit etc….i wont go into too much detail bout that haaa..


TBF: What’s the best memory of those early days?

AE: hmmm it feels like a lifetime ago! practising up in our dark attick with just a tiney peice of floor too stand on and making a complete racket was always fun


TBF: Who were you all listening to back then?

AE: ahhh rancid/ the distillers was the first band I remember being like wowww gimi some more of that!!


TBF: How about now? Who is rocking your earphones?

AE: We just listen to the old bands realy, l7, xray spex, souixsie , joan jett..etc I wish I was born back then!! we need more new punk bands! new bands I like tho are A pretty mess, pussycat & the dirty johnsons….check em ahht!


TBF: When did you start writing your own stuff?

AE: Straight away really, i’d write a lot of crock, most of it never made it into a song we’d play live but we’d finish a whole one once in a while, slowly our set of covers got wittled down into our own shiit!


TBF: Who does the writing and how do you go about putting a song together?

AE: These days its me and Anna who write the hits, ha, personally I think we are the band the other two are our bitches meheh na they add the odd one-liners in there if there juices are flowin! I think its easier to right songs when you play guitar so I cant give em no jip! me and Anna usually just bring a half written song to band practise and then start playin it so that the others join in…….a lot of the time they just tell us its crap


TBF: What’s the biggest influence when you’re writing something?

AE: Life, shit thats going dowwn an thangss


TBF: What’s some of your highlights so far? Memorable gigs?

AE: Last year in general was a great year for us, we played with some legendary bands, The Buzzcocks, The Adolescents to name afew, also got on Rebellion festival which was definately on our to do list!


TBF: Do you think people still react differently to seeing an all girl punk band or is that a thing of the past?

AE: We get some people that are surprised they like us coz we’re girls, but I duno…theres plenty of girl bands out there….girls do it best don’t ya know!


TBF: Do you ever get grief from guys who don’t like the fact you can play great?

AE: Ha, we get the odd ones…ive actually had some dick say to me….i do like ur music…but your girls, so I can’t like you. People like that don’t bother me though, I just feel sorry for them being so narrow minded..


TBF: You have a massive fan following in Hastings, how important is the local support to you?

AE: Fuckyeahhh! we got our little pit of filthy animals! we love em! nothin lika messy hometown gig!


TBF: Your video for ‘Dirty Girl’ was filmed in the streets of Hastings how did that come about?

AE: Well that songs about not needing money/ material things to have a goodtime, so we just used what we got!, the scummy streets of our wonderful hometown, the abandoned flat we practice in, and our mates. credit to our camera man Mark Richards who also films and directs all our music vids, it was hes idea for us too run…i don’t think he realised that meant he had to run too! ha

TBF: How about your other videos, is it fun to make them?

AE: Hell yeah its always a laugh to say the least! we got our filthy mitts on a motherfuckin Ford Capri for our last vid!!


TBF: What would you say is the major motivation for the band?

AE: Travelling and playing sickkk ass shows


TBF: What would you say to young people looking to start a band?

AE: DO IT! theres not enough young blood out there!


TBF: Where will the future take you?

AE: Fuck knows! and that’s the way we like it!


TBF: Where can people listen to your music?

AE: Find our official vids on youtube! or our website


TBF: And where can we see you live this year?

AE: We’re playing aaall over from april, we also have a Germany tour in May and Rebellion in august! check our gigs list on our website or follow us on facebook , cheers!


So there you have it the very talented Alison Elliott, chief lungs of the awesome Punk band Maid of Ace, hailing from my hometown of Hastings. Keep it here at The Black Flag where hopefully once Alison sobers up and I get this tatoo of Elvis off my arse we can catch up with the rest of the gang. Until then here are Maid of Ace with the video for ‘Dirty Girl’;


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