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The Black Flag Catches Up With Jeremiah Saint

Change is Coming… The future of music is coming in the form of Evolve or Die and the many artists who are associated with the label. One of those amazing...

Change is Coming… The future of music is coming in the form of Evolve or Die and the many artists who are associated with the label.

One of those amazing artists is the phenomenal  Jeremiah Saint, Singer, Songwriter, Author, Actor and all round talented guy, who’s journey through the world of music has been diverse and adventurous. Eager to find out more about this fountain of inspiration, Captain Kleenex sent me, The Mighty Machine Steve, on an epic voyage of discovery to find the source of his power!! alright it wasn’t that epic but I was lucky enough to get the busy man to chat to us, here’s what we talked about.


TBF: Hi Mate, thanks for taking the time to chat,What music did you enjoy growing up?

JS: Growing up in the ‘80’s I had the same pop icon figure as most boys, a performer whose stage performance inspired me; that would be none other than Michael Jackson. When I saw thriller/ Captain EO (Disneyland experience) I knew I wanted to be a performer. Though growing as a teen I was heavily into “Metal” music, such as Metallica, Megadeth, White Zombie, Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids as well as the flipside Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Bowie, Soft Cell, Skinny Puppy, Throbbing Gristle, Christian Death, Sister of Mercy, The Cure The list goes on but the fact I always gravitated to the darker side of music. I remember alone in my room rocking out knowing that one day I would perform my own creations for others.


TBF: When did you embark on creating your own music?

JS: The summer of 1994 (I was 14 or about to be) I got my first bass guitar, before that I played the brass instruments though grade 6-9, it was a Fender 1972 precision bass and it was heavy as hell! I strapped that thing on and started learning the works of Cliff Burton (first bassist for Metallica) But creating my own signature music started in 1999, before then I was in a few crummy rock bands that will be left nameless. In 1999 I bought Fruity loops 3.0 and started learning music DAW’s. Now I have to say the electronic music I wrote then was complete shit, I think that is an understatement. It wasn’t until 2004 when a friend approached me to be keyboardist in his gothic punk/ death rock band “Die Sine Gration” This is when Jeremiah Saint was created, From there I went to bands “Death in Dresden (bassist)” “Phase Theory (Production, Writer, Live bassist, lead synths backup vox) “REGENERATOR” (Synths, Bass) To my solo Project. Jeremiah Saint Has changed/ honed it’s sound over the past few years and has had its share of different live faces, Now A darker Stronger solo project, but I do owe thanks to my past envenoms for the influences and experiences.


Jeremiah Saint was originally an instrumental project named L.A.B.666. Which stood for “Ludwig Amadeus Bach and the 666th movement” I figured my Name would be more appropriate and, really that was kind of a silly name.


TBF: Was it always clear what you wanted to achieve?

JS: Achieve, that is a funny little word. What I wanted was to write my mistakes, my aches my passions and perform them for the world to see. I have not made a huge mark but I have gotten further than I ever thought I would. That hit me on my 2010-11 Jeremiah Saint (No Afterlife) tour. My headlining show in Vegas or Packing the Cat club in Los Angels, two things I didn’t think JS could or would do. So really I felt I had achieved nothing, though still more than I ever expected.


TBF: How did you go about touching the public with your work?

JS: If it wasn’t for myspace, facebook “Etc” I wouldn’t have much of a way to communicate (thank you dreaded internet) A mass of free songs I released, The other bands I once played in… Though I have to say I think I got more attention when I would go out all over I would shake hands and Say” Hello I am Jeremiah Saint, It is a pleasure to meet you” often supplied with a mass of white cards with my Logo/ name/ web sites. I believe through that I have “branded” myself.


TBF: Who influences you now?

JS: I think it is less of who and more of what. I’d say self and the person I once was. I tend to not listen to a great deal of music (Main media) anymore, other than the music of other artists I support. For JS (self) my DECAYEDen project Politics/ world. The ∆ collide of souls project = passion.


TBF: Where does inspiration come from for you?

JS: I find my inspiration the past two years within, all the horrors I have caused to other and myself. I was a horrid monster at one time full of white lines, liquor and anger. That caused me to loose a great deal of things, including myself my health. The memories that betray keep me writing of the depraved.


TBF: Tell me about Memoirs of a Massacre?

JS: Well I don’t want to ruin the story so I will go in depth without giving away everything. This is not an average horror story, this is the last diary of a man a man that happened to be a “Serial killer”, this is Hayden Kaiser reliving his more cherished memories of how it started until how he ends. But it’s more then blood and sex it’s the pure psyche of a possibly troubled man. “Remember everyone can kill, it only takes the right trigger the right push, but for only a select few is it such a delight”


TBF: Was writing a book always something you wanted to do?

JS: Yes, though not it such parameters. I originally started writing a book in the summer of 2000 it was a fantasy (medieval style) Titled “The Emerald Sword” It was about a misplaced human with that of pagan styled sexual deviant elves. The books was never completed, half way finished writing the book my PC died, I lost a good 200 crummy songs and the book and really bad poetry, it was a blessing in disguise. A few weeks later I bought my first MAC and never looked back. In the winter of 2007 I was approached by “The Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror” to write a short story for their compilation of authors (12 female, 12 male). It was my choice to write either two 5,000-word short stories or one 10,000-word short story. I choose 10,000 and wrote “Diary of death” which was published for the 2008 edition. In 2010 I started to revise it, and September 5th 2012 I released “Memoirs of a massacre” 22,000-words of demise.


TBF: Do you have more planned?

JS: Yes I do. The first being a loosely based (tightly) story of my life mainly the past few years with a very different way of retelling it, much like MOAM it is in the dairy format only I will use not a single name. These are my memories retold in such a way that it could be fiction or non. There is a lot of quotes, song explanations (without specifying the song) outlooks on life and philosophy. It is almost complete!

The second book is tilted “SILT” and it is a paranormal phenomenon. The birth of a poltergeist, it stared as a back-story for an indie film ( I cannot name yet shhhhh). This is all storyboarded and worked out I just have to sit down and finish it. Look for it at the end of 2013.


TBF: How did you get involved with Evolve or Die?

JS: That would be thanks to the lovely, talented and, freaking gorgeous Jet Noir, and a group of great people I met though Jet, who in the recent weeks have shown great support and comradery. That is something you do not find very often especially in the “industry” Though they are all in the “UK” and I am stuck here in the states (SUCKS)


TBF: How important is the EoD ethos to you as an artist?

JS: I love this we are all talented (I don’t know about me or why I am here) working striving for the production of our passions. As a great friend of the past once told me “We are all in this together” I don’t think it could be said much better than that.


TBF: Lastly, where can we find out more about you?

JS: Well I have a number of places but the hub of everything is the demon of “Facebook” (as well)

I never turn down any questions asked and I always respond no matter how silly!
Lastly I’d like to plug “valenTIED” please look for this as this is what I am pushing to release next! Though I will have some digital things coming and released throughout the coming months!

Thank you for listening to the ranting of self

Jeremiah Synthetic Saint


There you have it shipmates, Jeremiah Saint, one of those rare occasions when someone who says they can do it, can actually do it. Thanks to Jeremiah Saint for what was a genuinely eye-opening chat.

Catch up with more from Jeremiah Saint and all the other great Evolve or Die artists on FaceBook and SoundCloud

For now here is the epic ‘valenTIED’

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