PRESS PRAISE FOR CLUB ANTICHRIST; “One of our favourite club nights” – Bizarre magazine “Downright deviant and gloriously goth” – The Guardian “Colourful, vibrant and accessible” – Skin Two...

One of our favourite club nights” – Bizarre magazine
Downright deviant and gloriously goth” – The Guardian
Colourful, vibrant and accessible” – Skin Two magazine
Surely the most sinful way to spend your weekend” – Time Out
I had never seen so many happy people in one club!” –
Just go, you won’t regret it!” – Rebelicious magazine
With multiple zones, dance floors, bands, performances, dungeon & giveaways it‘ll be hard not to find things you like!” –

Reviewing Club AntiChrist‘s 8th birthday this June‘s Dave Darcy voiced what had started to dawn on the club’s own promoters.  Wondering which of an overwhelming 10 zones to explore next, he observed “suddenly it strikes me; Club AntiChrist is a big fucking event”.  Coming from Darcy – an AC-goer of some 6 years and scene-it-all veteran of the London alt. circuit at large – it seems perhaps a statement of the bleedin’ obvious, nevermind the club’s organizers, but truthfully AC has rather been caught off guard by the sheer scale of own success lately.  Immense advance ticket sales led that June anniversary party to be expanded from a planned 7 zones to 10, and equal demand saw capacity at August’s ‘Night of the Vampires’ once again increased to 1.4K.

Yep, Club AntiChrist is A Big Fucking Event – and it’s now ready to drop all pretence to be anything else.  At October 26th‘s Halloween extravaganza ‘Night of the Undead’ AC’s promoters are from the outset inviting 1,500 revellers to party in 10 zones across two floors at Vauxhall’s Colosseum venue .  There’s a headline act befitting of A Big Fucking Event in the shape Subsource; rising dubstep/metal crossover stars who come to AC’s THEATRE OF SINS from sharing stages with the likes of Pendulum.  There’s A Big Fucking Pile O’ Prizes to be won in the club’s annual free raffle – which last year saw lucky ticket holders walk away with swag worth more than £6000, and there’s a whole lot more besides…

Kicking off a big bill of attractions at ‘Night of the Undead’, decadent dark punks Skeleton Kid and burlesque belle Aurora Galore make their AC debuts before the Theatre stage turns catwalk and Rubber Monkey clothing showcase cheeky latex designs, featuring a signature fusion of slinky fetish silhouettes and cartoonish motifs in cheery brights.  Next to the newcomers, a few devil‘s well-known to the AC audience will also entertain.  Making their third appearance, The Shanklin Freak Show are practically extended family to the kooky clan behind AC, that’s headed by husband and wife promotions team D & Missy Void.  Grinding up elements of Manson, Insane Clown Posse and Danny Elfman in a theatrical stage show that’s too much to take in on first or even second sight, the honestly unique band undoubtedly share both eccentric and eclectic genes with the AC and a devil-may-care disregard for the rules peers play by.

The Shanklin Freak Show

As far as AC cares, clubland’s more fickle and fashion-led impresarios can have this week’s trendy ticket-shifter, and the flock they bring, while this zombie-themed party brings back Rockworld TV presenter Lenore as Theatre compere, and invites firm favourites Satan’s Strip Show to bring the flesh ‘n’ filth.  For refusing to operate a bookings policy pandering to passing fads AC has been rewarded with the loyalty of clubbers who’d sooner share a good thing with all their friends than queue up for approval at an elistist ’best kept secret’ of a nightspot.  Thanks largely to word-of-mouth, newcomers are welcomed at every event, and in June, Rebelicious magazine writer Michelle Marshall was amongst them. Reviewing her first visit she was quick to cite the secret to AC’s growth as being “the people – I still cannot get over how everyone that we’ve met here is really nice … it really is for all types of people”, she told readers.

Across 10 zones, freaks of all stripes really can now find a niche at AC nowadays. THE DEVIL‘S PLAYROOM boasts a array of Playpenz dungeon equipment – on which fetishists’ may fulfil their fantasies under the practised paddle of Mistress Rebekka Raynor and watchful eye of experienced dungeon monitors.  Exhibitionists and amorous sorts who can’t wait ‘til they get home can get it on in the COUPLE‘S DARKROOM – furnished with comfy sofa beds and complimentary condoms and tissues.  Dancers meanwhile are damned well spoilt.  With the PUREFUCKINGINDUSTRIAL dance arena moving downstairs (and gaining its own self-contained bar, lounge and smoking area in the bargain), folks who just want to hit the floor can now enjoy goth and post-punk sounds from 8pm through to 6am upstairs in THE HELLFIRE ROOM, and hear rock ‘n’ metal in THE HELLHOLE from 2am after the Theatre shows.  Meanwhile THE CHILLOUT ROOM offers party games, pumpkins, Thai Food and free tea and coffee from 3am care of the club’s own saucy maid service in October.  .

Having already defied the downturn that’s bitten into bigger promoters’ turn-outs and actually increased  its capacity in tough times, Club AntiChrist is now seeking to take its winning formula even further, and has recently announced plans to host a weekend-long open air event in 2014.  Following the same ‘by the scene, for the scene’ motto as the club, Alt-Fest is seeking to crowd-source skills and resources in order develop a truly alternative, punter-driven festival able to compete with the corporate juggernauts.  To find out more and see how you can get involved visit, and in the meantime make sure you’re able to say you were at the place it all started by getting down to ‘Night of the Undead’ on October 26th, before AC Promotions takes its next giant leap!

Here’s how Night of the Undead’s 10-zones shape up at a glance;

THEATRE OF SINS (10pm-2am) – Live performance arena hosted by Lenore.  Featuring Subsource, The Shanklin Freak Show, Aurora Galore, Rubber Monkey fashion show, Satan’s Strip Show and Skeleton Kid.
PUREFUCKINGINDUSTRIAL (10pm-6am) – Industrial dancefloor, with DJs Hive (Vampire Party, Belgium) & Jo The Waiter (Global Citizen) – plus VERY special guest TBA!
(8pm-6am) – Alt/goth/post-punk dance floor, with DJs Jo the Waiter, d.Void (AC), FrankieD (Flag) & Vade Retro (Reptile)
THE HELLHOLE (2am-6am) – rock/metal dance floor with DJs Hell razor & D.Void
THE DEVIL’S PLAYROOM – PlayPenz-equipped dungeon, hosted by Mistress Rebekka Raynor.
COUPLES’ DARKROOM – with sofa beds, free condoms & tissues
CHILLOUT ROOM – with party games, pumpkins, Thai food stall & free tea and coffee after 3am, served by AC’s famous saucy maid service!