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Alter Bridge At Wembley Supported By Shinedown and Halestorm

For those of you lucky enough to live in this great country, The United Kingdom of Great Britain then you may have also been lucky enough to get yourselves...

For those of you lucky enough to live in this great country, The United Kingdom of Great Britain then you may have also been lucky enough to get yourselves a ticket to one of the greatest indoor line-ups of 2013 so far. The Mighty Machine Steve was there and so was a sell out crowd, lapping up everything three amazing bands could give us, now other “more popular’ alternative music magazines would lavish the page with endless pictures of the bands performing but unfortunately I was too busy rocking to get my camera out, so if you wanted to see Lzzy Hale in skin tight leather pants then you should have bought a fucking ticket.


HALESTORM - Pub1 - Chris Phelps  Alex R. Kirzhner

Yes, Miss Hale and her band of rogues opened the show and what an opening it was! Lzzy lifted the roof with her vocals, so crisp that if I had been standing there I would have scarcely believed it was a live show. We all love Halestorm, and if you don’t then you are lying to yourself, without doubt they are the band to watch next year, having already scheduled a UK tour on the back of their awesome covers EP. Obviously we’ve said our piece about Lizzy and how amazing she looked in those pants so we won’t say anything more about that… the whole band is amazing but AreJay! Jesus H Christ that man has to be the hardest working drummer in rock, he’s fantastic, a true legend.



Well, I’ve been a fan of ShineDown since their first album, I’ve always loved the gritty vocals and the hammering riffs so finally getting to see them on stage was a treat. I have to say they worked that stage like the seasoned professionals they are, every band member working the crowd, effortlessly smashing out awesome song after awesome song. I have to say, which ever band you prefer on this line up, ShineDown put on the best show, they had the crowd jumping, even the people in the seats were jumping, and everyone loved it. Brent Smith is a master, not only a great writer and vocalist but he worked that crowd like it was his last ever gig, winking at the girls and handing out roses, he was such a smooth fucker by the end of the gig I wanted to fuck him!


Alter Bridge


Alter Bridge are one of the biggest rock bands in the world right now, they can do no wrong and with the release of their new album ‘Fortress’ topping charts everywhere they look set to carry on polishing that throne a while longer. Anyone who didn’t know about Alter Bridge before definitely stood up and took a look after Myles Davies’ romance, and record breaking album with Slash. He encapsulates the American Dream working tirelessly to be the best he can be, and he is genuinely a nice guy, chatting to the crowd and throwing in an acoustic version of their first album Lynyrd Skynyrd cover ‘Simple Man’. You would have been mistaken for thinking it was a mass karaoke but it was an amazing show.

If you want pictures from the tour then head over to the bands respective websites or social media accounts or just get yourself a ticket and go see them next time they are here. we always post on FaceBook when we are attending gigs, if you find yourself treading the same boards as one of the Black Flag crew then come over and say hi, maybe have a picture taken so we can post it on the site.

The pictures we used for this article were taken from the bands respective websites and are not the property of The Black Flag or any of the staff, mostly cos we’re not fucking journalists, we’re rockers! No copy write infringement is intended however no shits will be given.


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