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Review: The One Who Knocks by Vulgate

Review: The One Who Knocks by Vulgate

I hate fucking waiting, I’ve never been good at sitting around twiddling my thumbs knowing that something awesome is about to happen, I’m a big kid really. That’s what happened when we spoke to the Vulgate guys and they told us about their new single, I was excited, I was very excited, and now… I have it.

It was like a little birthday present when I finally held that disc in my hand, I rammed that bastard into my CD player like a 40 year old virgin penetrating his first prostitute. A few seconds later and my world was now a happy place to be, The One Who Knocks was ripping it’s way through my speakers like an Alien out of John Hurt. Four-Piece Thrash Metal outfit Vulgate had done it, I liked the last EP, it was awesome, but this blew that straight out of the water. It’s like the last EP was an awesome girlfriend, sexy, loving, and you have some great memories, and this new track is like dating a fucking supermodel, looks good, sounds good and definitely leaves you smiling. The guys drafted in the vocal talents of Infected Dead frontman Lou Ede for this outing and it’s a brilliant addition to an already great line-up.

It’s a speedy opening with some quick guitars slapped about by a machine gun drum line and then that impressive growl spitting out the “Breaking Bad” inspired lyrics. It all flows effortlessly into a a mix that is seamlessly layered together to form a mighty sound. It’s easy to forget that this is just a little band from Hastings, four guys who get together to play music they love and it sounds like a production you’d expect from a big label. This track was recorded at Yellow Fish Studios and produced by Daniel Crook, a studio which has hosted some massive names in the music world. The combination of great writing, some slick production and an inherent love for the music they play all comes together to make The One Who Knocks a power house of a release this year, the icing on the cake for a young band who pour heart and soul into every gig and have a huge following to prove it.

If The One Who Knocks is this good, and trust me ship mates when I tell you that it really is, then now I have a new waiting game. The long wait for the full album, Waves, which we can expect to grace us fairly soon after the official single release of this track. I urge you to head on over to the Vulgate BandCamp page and have a listen to this, you can pre-order the single, which is released on 26th March, and get yourself a T-Shirt to go with your shiny new disc.

Head on over to FaceBook to let the band know what you think of the track once it’s released and to find out where you can see the guys play live.

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