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Review: Rites of Passage by Tapewyrm

Review: Rites of Passage by Tapewyrm

Once again we take a walk on the darker side of Industrial with Tapewyrm and soak in the evil delights of his latest self-produced release Rites of Passage.

Tapewyrm is an old friend of the flag, we loved House of Cards so much that we salivated at the thought of a new release from this forerunner of the UK Industrial scene. We haven’t been disappointed either, Rites of Passage offers more of those dark, hammering riffs that chug through your skull like a ghost train thundering through the gates of hell.

Neighbours staying up late listening to soulless pop toilet food? Chuck this on and see the bastards squirm as demons eat their pets. Rites of Passage is as hypnotic in it’s delivery as it is clean in it’s production, true Industrial as it was intended to be without the tweed neo-goth overtones present in so much of todays “Industrial” work. Tapewyrm offers a raw and refreshingly simplistic take on a genre which is over-run with pretentious over-actors, breaking down the layers of production and delivering an album of pure noise that wraps around you like a prickly blanket, it’s pleasing but very uncomfortable all at the same time.

Tapewyrm has to be congratulated on the quality of this release, the breakdown of a record label often leaves the less commercial acts struggling to keep a foothold, but the loss of Juggernaut records has only fuelled this artist to keep on hammering out the fine work. This is testament once again to the durability of UK artists to endure the hardship and carry on being the best at what they do.

If you want a copy of Rites of Passage or any other Tapewyrm release then head over to the BandCamp page. If you want to feature Tapewyrm in your set list then contact him on FaceBook.

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