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Review: Regression by Theories

Review: Regression by Theories

It’s a gloomy day ashore for the Black Flag crew, perfect for a spot of rape and pillage. As we know every good rape and pillage needs an equally good soundtrack and for that we chose Theories.

Seattle Death/Grind Metal quartet Theories are credited with creating the perfect soundtrack to my day, that’s because I’m an angry guy, with angry guy problems and I pretty much hate everyone I meet. Regression then is the official soundtrack to the movie of my life. When barreling through life, horns up, head down screaming like a madman it’s important to remember perspective, and this album offers a unique perspective on a range of life’s misfortunes. Being Theories first LP offering there’s pressure on the guys to come out swinging and straight off the start line that’s what they do, kicking off in stunning form like a riot the feeling of sheer aggression is almost tangible.


Regression does what it needs to, there’s no fucking around trying to create artistic empathy and scrambling to keep in touch with the nature of the greater genre. It’s just heavy fucking guitars over heavier fucking drums being serenaded to death by an angry voice. That’s what the people want and by christ is that what people get here. That’s not to say there’s no talent in this, there is a lot of talent, everything melts perfectly together to form a wall of emotive sound which smashes straight through you, the collective symphony of four guys who know their trade inside out and love what they do. It’s no surprise either, given the pedigree of bands these guys were members of and the amount of time they’ve spent touring together perfecting these tracks.

I can’t give you a top track from this album, I love each one but for me Hell in Her Eyes wedged itself in my memory and had me tapping the repeat button a few times. In total the album is ten songs which conclude at a touch less than 30 minutes but it will be the most enjoyable 30 minutes of your life once you stick this album on.

Want it? Of course you fucking do! head on over to BandCamp or follow the links from the bands FaceBook page.

And just in case you were in any doubt of just how good these guys are, here’s drummer Joe Axler.

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