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Mr Grimez Poet Warrior Meets Joe Wheeler

Mr Grimez Poet Warrior Meets Joe Wheeler

Joe Wheeler is the mastermind behind the grindhouse classic Jengo Hooper.

It was great to meetup with the film director at Balham for the cast & crew screening.

For all the years I have known Joe, I have witness the development of his character Jengo.

Trust me he has come a long way and I’m sure that this film will eventually be a cult classic.


Be prepared to be plunged into a disturbed world of confusion, gore and insane Jengo antics.

If you like your horror films twisted and gritty to the max, then this is for you.

I would say it’s definitely hard to stomach as I feel it really does screw the mind.

So if you are expecting a haunted house type of film, then you will be disappointed.

To be honest this film is no way near suitable for mainstream.

But saying that still, it could become it’s own mainstream due to the content.

Snobby Hollywood Executives will frown on it.

Well hardcore lovers of horror will embrace it.

Jengo Hooper takes you on a rough edgy rollercoaster ride.

So you might need a sick bag.

The soundtrack is well put together with a variety of songs to keep the mood of the film going.

Speaking to Joe in Balham, I asked him what’s next for Jengo Hooper.

He told me and the cast crew that another film will be on it’s way.

As well as a possible animated series.

Jengo Hooper also makes it’s appearance at the RIP Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles California in November 2014.

You can keep up to date with Joe Wheeler & his projects on Facebook.

Mr Grimez Poet Warrior

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